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Homeless man broke into a private clinic and performed a complex surgery Everyone was shocked

Foreign had been working in the surgical department of the clinic for about six months, being a nurse. The woman was used to the fact that patients needed her help almost every minute – IVs, all kinds of injections, and dressings followed each other in a non-stop succession of medical procedures and other duties. Patients loved Sarah for her complacent disposition, kindness, and sympathy that she always felt for her patients.

Sarah’s mother died when her daughter was five years old, so she was raised by her father, being a one-woman man. Robert Moore never managed to find another woman to share his life with, and therefore, he directed all of his energy at raising his daughter. Sarah studied well at school and dreamed of becoming a doctor from an early age.

The naive little girl believed that if she were her mother’s doctor, the woman would have survived. Sarah studied anatomy and chemistry, understanding that she would need these subjects to get accepted into medical school. If only she could have known then that her childhood dream would remain just that – a dream never meant to come true.

A month before Sarah graduated from high school, her father got into a car accident that put him in a wheelchair. Poor Robert wanted to dance with his daughter at her prom so badly. Post-traumatic stress and health problems deprived the man of this opportunity and got him into a deep depression. It took Sarah a lot of time and effort to restore her father’s faith and recovery, which could only be achieved by getting spinal surgery.

The only problem was the high cost of the surgery voiced by the Neurosurgical Center for the Treatment of Injuries of the Musculoskeletal System. “There’s no way I can raise so much money, not even in five years. I guess I’ll have to stay in a wheelchair forever,” the man said sadly.

“Don’t be upset, Daddy. We’ll definitely find the money. I’ll find a job, and everything will work out,” Sarah tried to reassure her father. Thus, instead of starting Medical School, the young woman went to nursing school and got a job at the best clinic in the city. The job was very hard at first, since in reality, the nurses had way more duties and they were way harder to perform than they had seemed in nursing school. Thanks to her perseverance and determination, Sarah figured out all the intricacies of her profession within a month and became one of the best nurses in the surgical unit.

Nevertheless, things weren’t as perfect as Sarah would have liked. The main problem was that she still didn’t have enough money to pay for her father’s surgery. Returning home from work every evening, the young woman looked pitifully at a father who always wheeled out into the hallway to greet her. At that point, Sarah realized that the idea that she would ever be able to raise enough money for the surgery was naive at best. The nurse’s salary was barely enough to buy medicine for her father and pay the rent.

Meanwhile, things weren’t exactly great at work either. It was all because of the new surgeon who started working at the clinic about the same time as Sarah did. It was rumored that David Johnson’s father was the chief physician of the clinic and had extensive connections in the highest medical circles.

Taking advantage of his father’s patronage, the young surgeon pretty much neglected his duties and most of the time simply avoided doing any surgeries at all. Simply put, David was a completely useless doctor who got paid a lot. Nevertheless, that wasn’t the only thing the young surgeon was known for. David’s main interest in life had always been women and booze, which could very well put an end to his career as a surgeon if they weren’t kept under control.

Sarah was the one woman who caught the young womanizer’s eye, but unlike her colleagues, she was dead set against unprofessional behavior at work. Having gotten rejected by Sarah, David harbored a grudge against the young nurse who made him look like a fool in front of the rest of the staff.

After that, the young surgeon tried to humiliate Sarah and load her with extra work every chance he got. At some point, the unfortunate woman became an outcast because being seen talking to her could cause problems. This led the other nurses to shun Sarah and gossip behind her back.

Problems at work, coupled with her father’s illness, were too heavy of a burden for the young woman to bear, especially since she still believed in justice and romantic ideals and was just waiting for her prince charming.

The situation was the most unbearable when Sarah got night shifts with David Johnson. Even though the young woman wasn’t the only nurse working at the night shift, David didn’t humiliate anyone nearly as much as Sarah. Such nights seemed like a living hell to the young nurse, and this was hardly an exaggeration. Therefore, when Sarah saw her name on The Night Shift schedule yet again, her disappointment knew no bounds. “Why do I have to work with him again?” the woman said without hiding her disappointment.

Foreign, she was well aware that David rarely did any actual work on his shifts, spending his time telling obscene jokes to the nurses instead of monitoring the patients. The young surgeon always counted on someone else to do the job. He expected all complex surgeries to be performed by more experienced surgeons, whose extensive knowledge would ensure a positive outcome in the operating room. Meanwhile, the best David could do was assist them or, better yet, use his father to avoid taking part in any surgical procedures.

Sarah knew things couldn’t go on like that forever and that sooner or later, there would have to be consequences. If only the young nurse knew how close she was to the truth. That night, everything started as usual.

She started her shift, checked on the patients, and performed all the necessary procedures. Meanwhile, David was sitting in his office, drinking some cocktail he made for himself. He knew that there were currently no patients in critical condition in the department, so he didn’t think he had anything to worry about. And if something happens, David will cover for me. It wouldn’t be the first time, David thought, flipping through a magazine.

At that very moment, he heard someone scream in the reception area. “What the hell is that?” David asked, frowning as he got up from his chair. But when the young surgeon came into the waiting room, he was dumbfounded. There were two strangers surrounded by the nurses – an old man dressed in rags and another man whom the old man seemed to be carrying. The young man was holding his right side with his hand and groaning.

“What’s going on here? Who are these people?” David asked without hiding his indignation.

“Sir, this man needs urgent help. All the symptoms point towards acute appendicitis. He needs surgery right away, or he might develop peritonitis, and that would be very bad,” the homeless man explained, making sure that he was being pleasant and respectful.

David’s outrage literally took his breath away. “And how would you know all that? Your job is to beg for change and dig through the trash. Who do you think you are, and where did you find him?” David asked, having recovered from his initial shock.

The homeless man didn’t seem the least bit fazed and immediately answered the young surgeon, “Trust me, I know what I’m talking about, sir. He started feeling sick right on the street, so I brought him here. It was the closest hospital in the area. There’s no time to waste, sir.”

But David didn’t want to hear anything about it. Enraged by the homeless man’s words, the surgeon was sure that the man was having a stomachache and didn’t need surgery. Meanwhile, the homeless man started talking in medical terms and managed to convince Sarah that he was right.

“Mr. Johnson, the patient needs urgent surgery. Do you get it? Why are you just standing there? Didn’t you take the Hippocratic Oath?” the nurse pleaded.

David’s face turned purple from anger, and drops of sweat appeared on his forehead. But that’s when the homeless man intervened. He definitely put the patient on a gurney that was standing a little further away and asked Sarah to take the patient to the operating room. Meanwhile, he went to the staff bathroom, where he took a quick shower and put on scrubs. The man did it all so quickly and skillfully that no one even felt the need to question his qualification.

Meanwhile, David decided to simply retreat to his office, knowing that tomorrow he would demand the dismissal of Sarah and the security guard who let the man in. In the meantime, the old man put on medical gloves, administered anesthesia, and started the surgery. Sarah was assisting him all the while, feeling like she was stuck in some dream. The elderly homeless man didn’t only know all the medical terms but also behaved like a true professional.

At the final stages of the surgery, the old man winked at Sarah and whispered, “Don’t worry, dear. I know what I’m doing.”

Sarah nodded and helped the old man with the sutures. “That’s it. This man should think of today as his second birthday. Any longer, and he would have developed peritonitis, which could have caused sepsis and death,” the homeless man added, feeling relieved.

The rest of the night was relatively quiet and calm. The man that underwent the surgery remained stable, so neither Sarah nor the old homeless man, who turned out to be named Donald Lewis, felt the need to worry.

In the early next morning, the clinic got a visit from the chief physician and the mayor of the city, Howard Parker. “Where’s David? Why isn’t he at his post?” the head physician asked. Sarah didn’t know what to say, so she simply lowered her eyes and remained silent.

Fortunately, the homeless man came to her rescue and answered the question instead of the nurse, “Your son is sleeping. He must have gotten tired.”

“And who is this, and what is he doing in my clinic?” the chief asked, raising his voice.

The homeless man hid his smile at the corners of his lips and looked at the important doctor with his blue eyes. “I’m Donald Lewisar, a surgeon with extensive experience,” the homeless man replied.

At that moment, the mayor, standing next to him, perked up noticeably. “Are you the same Donald Lewis who-” the man began.

“Yes, sir, that one,” the old man replied proudly, trying to ignore the surprise on the face of the chief physician.

Being a member of the older generation, he certainly knew the story of Donald Lewis, who lost his wife and son 15 years ago in a terrible car accident. After the death of his family, the talented surgeon fell into a depression and started abusing alcohol. It just so happened that Donald had no one to help him, and so he quickly hit rock bottom, losing his home and his job. And now he was standing in front of the mayor, looking him straight in the eyes.

“You saved my son, didn’t you? The guard from the parking lot told me everything,” the mayor asked.

Donald Lewis smiled and simply nodded his head in response. It was his first surgery in 15 years, and the old man was excited to feel that he could still help people.

The mayor’s son, Jacob, came to his senses soon and told his father everything that happened to him. He felt a sharp pain in his abdomen in the parking lot and bent over by his car. As fortune would have it, there was an elderly homeless man passing by him at the time. He instantly realized what was happening and hurried to help.

Having learned how David Johnson treated his son, the mayor fired him on the spot, as well as the chief who allowed his judgment to be clouded by his personal feelings. The mayor appointed Donald Lewis as the new chief. Going from being homeless to the chief physician in an instant made Donald feel like he was in some fairy tale. The story of this unique situation quickly spread throughout the city and even beyond the state lines, thus making Sarah and the elderly surgeon kind of famous.

Having learned about the illness of the nurse’s father, Howard Parker paid for the man’s surgery, as well as the subsequent rehabilitation at the best medical center in the country. Thanks to the timely and professional treatment, the mayor’s son quickly recovered and was discharged from the clinic a week later.

Nevertheless, Jacob continued to come by the clinic almost every day to see Sarah. Rumor had it that the young couple felt a strong connection, which could lead to something bigger than just a friendship. However, only time could tell whether a relationship between them was meant to be. Meanwhile, all we can do is hope that it did, and the life of Sarah and Jacob would be full of love and passion.

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