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We Couldn’t Do It In The House, So We Went To A Hotel

I completed senior high school at a younger age than most people in my class did. I was one of those gifted kids but the financial situation at home was challenging.

All I wanted to do was further my education to the university, so I could acquire the knowledge and skills to make something out of my life.

So I didn’t play when it came to my books. Boys tried to get my attention but I had a goal I was not willing to tamper with. So I didn’t pay them any mind. When I wrote my WASSCE, my hard work paid off. I passed my exams and qualified to make it to the university. However, my mother didn’t have the money to fund this dream of mine.

She had a discussion with my uncle and they came to an agreement that I would go live with my uncle, and serve him. In return, he would sponsor me through school. I went to my uncle’s house with high hopes that he would honour……Read Full Story Here……….

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