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He Booked A Hotel Room And Invited Me Over, When I Got

Our first breakup happened when we were only three months old. I accused him of being insecure. He accused me of calling too many men friends. He didn’t understand why I would meet a guy today and call him a friend the next day, even those who proposed to me. I told him to believe me because I was wired that way.

He told me he wasn’t wired to understand such behaviour. He called the relationship off so I could go ahead and be friends with whoever I chose. A week later, we were back together as lovers, talking about what we missed while away from each other. Most importantly, we addressed the elephant in the room, the reason we fell apart. I assured him of my undiluted love and promised to be there for him.

He made concessions of his own, to understand me better and also grow the patience to be tolerant. The months ahead were filled with so much fun. We travelled together to the castles to listen to the history of how our forefathers became slaves. In the darkness of the female dungeon, while the……Read Full Story Here……………..

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