Woman Die In Labour At Home -Neighbors Drag Husband For Bringing Quack To Deliver Baby At Home To Save Hospital Cost

Painful death of A lady in Labour whom Neighbors accused her husband of helping to kill her”– Reactions as social media users drag husband after pregnant wife, baby die over extensive laboring period during delivery, tell pregnant women to save good cash prior to delivery

The husband was said to have brought alleged unprofessional nurse to house for laboring wife’s delivery but unfortunately could not until wife became very weak and rushed to the hospital later in the evening after being in labour since morning of the same day.

It was reported that the husband abandoned the pregnant weakling wife on their way to the hospital but the woman eventually died with baby before arriving the hospital.

Husband has now been arrested but a lot of media users are currently bitter, asking for justice to be duly served while advising pregnant women to save good cash for themselves prior to their delivery date.

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