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Become my 6th wife and get 30% of my entire Wealth and Properties” – Portable Proposes Marriage to Papaya Ex Gives Her a Mouth watering once in a Life time offer

Singer Portable Proposes Marriage with Generous Offer, Papaya Ex Shares the Hilarious Message on Instagram

Nigerian singer Portable has allegedly reached out to Papaya Ex, proposing marriage with an enticing offer. Papaya Ex took to her Instagram story to share the voice note she received from the singer, expressing her amusement with a caption that read, “I can’t stop laughing, I’m rolling.”

In the voice note, Portable can be heard asking the lady to marry him and offering her a 30 percentage of his wealth and properties. He humorously emphasized that refusing to marry a wealthy man would be a disservice to herself.

Following the marriage proposal by Nigerian singer Portable to Papaya Ex, social media has been buzzing with various reactions from people.


Some individuals believe that Papaya Ex is already wealthier than Portable, and his offer of money might not be enticing enough for her. They argue that she may not need his wealth since she is already financially well-off.

On the other hand, there are those who disagree with this perspective. They argue that Papaya Ex’s apparent wealth might be misleading and that she could be living a fake or exaggerated social media life.

They suggest that in reality, Portable might be wealthier than she appears to be, and his offer could be genuinely enticing.

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