All Job Interviews I ever went for in 3 yrs, they always want to sleep with me – Confused Lady shares

Nigerian Lady shares her story and experience with interviewers over the past 3 years of seeking a Job.

See her story:

My name is Funmi (Not same in picture). I am a young lady though of about 26. I finished school a bit early and started my Job search about 3 years ago.

The very first company I went for interview, the interviewer gave me his card to call him if I am serious about this job. I actually did call him out of innocence only for him to tell me straight away that I have to do something to get something.

I actually didn’t succumb believing that I will get another place where no one will make demand. So I had faith.

I went for the second in a financial institution and I was selected for the Job oh…. but the day I resumed the HOD refused to sign my acceptance form until he sleeps with me…. In-fact his own he said it straight away no shame.

I have decided to keep myself for my husband only and so I don’t understand why the major Jobs I would have gotten always turn out to be like this, the only ones that I don’t get asked out are the Jobs of 20/30k which is not suitable for a graduate.

This is like the 10th ‘BIG’ interview I have had in 3 years and when I meet a woman in the interview room I proceed and proceed until I meet a man who will finally ask me for sex.

I don’t seduce people and I don’t think I am that beautiful but I think maybe God doesn’t want me to work for anyone. I am just confused though I have started prayer and fasting

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