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Woman Wakes up in Coffin, Spends 11 Days Desperately Trying to Find Way Out After Being Buried Alive

In Brazil, a truly astonishing and horrifying incident unfolded. Rosangela Almeida dos Santos, a 37-year-old woman, was brought to the hospital due to extreme fatigue. Tragically, she suffered two cardiac arrests and was declared dead because of septic shock. Her family was heartbroken, and they arranged a simple funeral for her, believing that she had passed away.

However, this story took a terrifying turn. Eleven days after being buried in a wooden coffin inside a concrete tomb, strange and eerie things began to happen. People in the area reported hearing muffled screams coming from the tomb, a scene that seemed straight out of a horror movie.

One witness, Natalina Silva, described her experience, saying, “When I got there right in front of the tomb, I heard banging from inside it. I thought the kids who played around the cemetery were playing a joke on me. Then, I heard her groan twice, and after those two groans, she stopped.”

These unsettling reports prompted the woman’s family to take action. They decided to open the tomb and check on Dos Santos. What they found inside left them in shock and horror. She was no longer in the same position they had placed her in when they buried her. Injuries that hadn’t been there before were now visible, and she was covered in blood.

Upon closer inspection, they noticed that the nails sealing the coffin were loose, and Dos Santos’ hands were injured, as if she had desperately tried to claw her way out. It became painfully clear that for eleven agonizing days, Dos Santos had been struggling to escape her premature burial. Tragically, by the time she was discovered, it was too late. She had succumbed to her ordeal.

Despite being declared dead and buried for over a week, Dos Santos’s body was still warm to the touch when she was unearthed. This baffled and horrified the hundreds of witnesses who had gathered at the cemetery. Her sister, Isamara Almeida, couldn’t comprehend how a person buried for so long could still be warm.

Dos Santos’s family had to endure the painful process of burying her for a second time. It was a nightmare they never imagined they would have to go through.

The hospital where Dos Santos had been treated pledged to provide all necessary information to aid in the investigation. However, no explanation was given by the doctor who had filled out her medical records and death certificate.

The local police chief promised a thorough investigation into this shocking incident. They collected evidence, took statements from family members and witnesses, and were determined to uncover the truth behind this horrifying ordeal.

The entire community was left in disbelief and sorrow over what had transpired, as the mystery surrounding Rosangela Almeida dos Santos’s tragic death and her terrifying ordeal unfolded.

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