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With Tears Dad Begs Priest to Baptize His Dead Baby. What Happened Next is Very Shocking

Corbin’s birth was difficult and full of complications, a tragedy that his parents never expected would lead to his death. When Jude, Corbin’s father, tearfully asked the priest to baptize his deceased child, something miraculous happened that you won’t believe.

After years of friendship, Jude and Sandra decided to take their relationship to the next level by dating and eventually getting married. Their bond was strong, and people admired their love for each other. They were a perfect example of how two people can come together out of pure love and mutual understanding.

After getting married, the couple was eager to start a family because they both loved children a lot. Jude had always said he wanted a baby boy that he could take to baseball games. Sandra, on the other hand, wanted a girl she could pamper and wear matching outfits with. At this point, they could never have imagined that their unborn child would bring so much terror and tears into their lives.

A year after getting married, Sandra found out that she was expecting, and she and her husband were thrilled. Excitedly, Sandra and Jude awaited the day of their ultrasound to find out the gender of their baby. Playfully, they made a bet: if it was a boy, Sandra would be in charge of decorating the nursery with more masculine touches; however, if it was a girl, then Jude would need to adorn the room with pink accessories. Unbeknownst to them, what they would discover would send their world crumbling into pieces.

In the following weeks, Sandra underwent various checkups and tests, including scans, blood tests, and transvaginal ultrasounds. The day finally arrived for the couple to discover the gender of their baby. They nervously sat in the doctor’s office, tightly holding hands. “It’s a boy!” the doctor announced, much to Jude’s delight. He thrust his fist into the air with glee, while Sandra pouted at first before breaking into laughter at her husband’s funny moves. At that moment, her yearning for a daughter vanished, and she began to eagerly anticipate the arrival of her unborn son.

However, the couple stopped celebrating when they noticed the frown that slowly creased on the doctor’s face. “Is something wrong, doctor?” Jude asked, his blood pounding in his ears and his heart thudding in his chest. Sandra was also visibly worried by the sudden change in the doctor’s demeanor.

The doctor sighed before informing the couple of the complication he had found through the blood tests and transvaginal ultrasound. The tests revealed that Sandra had preeclampsia, a dangerous pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure that can lead to fatal complications for both mother and baby.

Luckily, though, Sandra’s condition wasn’t too severe, so the doctor prescribed the necessary drugs to manage the condition. He also promised to do his best to help them; however, he left them with a warning: Sandra’s condition could progress into eclampsia, and she could experience a seizure and eventually go into a coma.

The couple was disheartened by this news; this wasn’t what they dreamed their lives would be like in their first attempt at starting a family. Only a few weeks ago, they were sure that the pregnancy would go well, but now it all seemed like a fantasy. Through all this, Jude offered his full support to his wife.

During the pregnancy term, as the due date approached, their hopes were at an all-time high as they awaited the arrival of their little one. A month before the expected delivery date, Sandra suddenly went into labor and was rushed into the operating room for an emergency C-section.

It was a long and complicated surgery, but in the end, their baby boy was safely delivered. He was a cute, tiny baby who was healthy against all odds. The couple fell in love with their little boy the moment they set their eyes on him; they thought the storm was over. Little did they know it was only the beginning.

A few months after Corbin’s birth, his parents began to notice something was wrong. The little boy would cry weakly or not at all and occasionally choke while breastfeeding; his breathing also became labored during sleep.

Concerned for their son’s health, they took him to the doctor for a checkup, but the medical practitioner told them nothing was wrong with their baby. The boy was taken to three other hospitals, but the doctors there couldn’t find anything wrong with him either, despite numerous tests and examinations. They were unable to diagnose this condition.

Tired of hearing the same thing over and over, Sandra flared up and broke down one morning at the hospital. “This is my baby, and I know something is wrong with him. I want you to save my child! My baby is sick, yet you can’t even see it!” she screamed at the top of her voice as Jude pulled her out of the doctor’s office.

Later that week, Jude’s mother, Gloria, visited the couple to discuss baptism for their son, Corbin. She explained that she hadn’t brought it up earlier because she wanted Sandra to have time to recover from the difficult pregnancy. “We can have him baptized, but not now. We want to focus on our son’s health; baptism can come later. Besides, we can wait until he’s old enough to make this decision himself,” Jude explained.

But Gloria was adamant that Corbin should be baptized; she believed that doing so could cure any hidden illness they or the doctors might not have been aware of. She believed that if they had enough faith, this would bring about a miraculous recovery for their son. Since there was no harm in trying, the couple decided to baptize their boy, but mainly to please the elderly woman; afterwards, they would take him to the best hospitals in the city for proper treatment.

On their way to the church that fateful weekend, they were caught in a big traffic jam when they were about 20 minutes away from the church. Due to traffic, which should have been just five minutes, something terrifying happened. Little Corbin began coughing and choking uncontrollably until his face turned blue.

His parents frantically attempted to ease their child’s suffering, but they were unable to do so. After several minutes struggling for breath, Corbin stopped breathing altogether. Sandra was filled with panic and began to scream for someone to call 9-1-1, although an ambulance would take a long time to reach them because of the traffic. They were fortunate enough that there was a doctor present in the car next to theirs.

The doctor attempted chest compressions on baby Corbin, but unfortunately, it didn’t work as he remained still and lifeless. “Fight, baby, you can do this, Corbin! Daddy needs you!” Jude screamed as the doctor performed CPR, yet nothing changed. After trying for a few more minutes, the doctor took Corbin’s pulse; then he sighed and said, “He’s gone.

Jude’s eyes widened in terror as he heard the doctor’s words. “No, no, no, no, no, he can’t be dead!” Jude shouted desperately. At that moment, his mother’s powerful words about baptism came flooding back to him and filled him with determination. He refused to accept defeat without a fight; there had to be something he could do.

Jude looked ahead and saw the spire of the church in the distance. Without hesitating, he took the baby from his wife’s arms and bolted for the church. Once there, he rushed towards the chancel, clutching his baby boy to his chest.

The priest was pacing around the altar, praying silently. He was startled by the sudden entrance of the wide-eyed, sweating, and panting stranger. When Jude got to the altar, he fell to his knees; then he quickly told the priest the whole story and asked him to baptize his little boy. He cried that he didn’t want to lose his only son.

The priest was hesitant, and the reason wasn’t far-fetched; little Corbin was already dead. Refusing to take no for an answer, Jude said in a quivering voice, “You’re a priest; I know you believe in miracles.

Please join my faith with yours and let’s bring my son back to life. I believe in baptism.” Upon seeing the raw desperation in Jude’s eyes, compassion filled the priest, and he agreed to baptize the deceased boy. Muttering prayers under his breath, the priest quickly made the necessary preparations for the baptism, while Jude clasped his hands in supplication and cried to God.

Afterwards, the priest dipped the cold and stiff baby into the water. What happened next is astonishing. When the priest lifted little Corbin out of the water, Jude heard the most powerful baby cry ever. Little Corbin’s eyes were wide open, and he was crying. It was nothing short of a miracle; Corbin had come back to life. Sandra soon came in and couldn’t believe her eyes. She carried her wet baby and cried in gratitude to God. Jude was amazed at how his act of faith had made the impossible possible. They were filled with gratitude for the priest.

Since then, Corbin has been in excellent health. Now 16 years old, he has never had to go to the hospital since that day. You can say he was truly blessed. What an amazing story! What are your thoughts on baptism? Thank you for watching, and see you in the next video.

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