Train Driver Spots Little Boy Lying on Tracks, Didn’t Expect What Happened Next –
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Train Driver Spots Little Boy Lying on Tracks, Didn’t Expect What Happened Next

“Trained driver Marcus didn’t expect his wife to be involved in this. A train driver is very different from being a bus or car driver. Marcus didn’t have to steer or pay attention to other trains that might get in his way; however, he still had to keep his focus.

On that particular day, the conductor was glad for his attention to detail. From a distance, he spotted a small figure on the train tracks. At first, it looked like a dog, but then he realized it was a child. Grabbing a pair of binoculars kept always in the cabin, he looked through them in horror. Marcus realized a boy was lying on the tracks as his foot was stuck. His instincts kicked in, and he slammed the brakes, despairing at not doing it earlier.

Despite what most believe, trains drive fast, and stopping at a moment’s chance is impossible. However, Marcus was lucky. If his attention had strayed for one second or he hadn’t acted so quickly, the cow catcher would have done its job. Instead, the train stopped just a few inches from the boy.

When Marcus exited his cabin, he saw the child crying, covering his eyes in pure fear. ‘Boy, what the hell happened? Were you playing on the tracks?’ the train driver scolded gently, still horrified. The kid only shook his head, still wailing.

Marcus realized the boy was stuck, his foot trapped in the tracks. He positioned things better, and after a few pulls, the boy’s foot came free. The child jumped to one side, wrapping his arms around his legs and kept crying as he rocked back and forth. ‘Hey, I’m sorry I yelled; I was just so scared for you,’ the train driver went to the kid, patting his back. ‘How about we call your parents? Everything’s gonna be fine.’

The child looked up, his white face and red-rimmed eyes breaking Marcus’s heart for many reasons. But he paid attention as the boy whispered, ‘They took Sam.’ It was all he said; he wouldn’t tell Marcus anything else.

The other train employees finally came down to wonder what had happened. They couldn’t leave the boy alone in the middle of nowhere, so Marcus took him aboard and continued the rest of his working day.

‘Amelia, I’m home, and there’s someone with us,’ Marcus said as he escorted the boy to his home. The smell of his wife’s delicious cooking hit their noses, and he smiled at the kid. ‘You’re gonna love the food she makes.’

The boy had stopped crying but was still scared, hugging his body as if it would fall apart otherwise. ‘Who…?’ Amelia finally stepped out of the kitchen, and her eyes flared at the shock but composed herself quickly and smiled. ‘Hello there. Amelia, this is Marcus…’

She trailed off, looking at the kid meaningfully. ‘Leo,’ the boy said quietly, lifting his head. ‘Oh my, I know him,’ Amelia said, recognizing him now that his head was lifted. ‘It was there two days ago.’

Amelia had just walked out of the grocery store with some snacks and the fixings for dinner when a group of young men blocked her way. ‘Excuse me, please,’ she said, trying to go around them.

‘Where are you going?’ one asked, leering at her. ‘It’s none of your business,’ she answered tightly, grabbing her purse.

‘What do you have there?’ another continued, closing in on her. They cornered Amelia further into an alley. She turned her head, wondering if she could run to the other side. It was dark despite being broad daylight, so she wasn’t so sure.

Then, two smaller figures rushed toward them, waving their hands and screaming for help. Amelia realized they were little boys, and the anger in the gang members’ faces told her they were not with them. The small kids ran past them, and one of the bullies yelled an expletive. With relief, Amelia saw that the boys had attracted the attention of a cop car passing through. The men ran off, and the police chased them through the alley.

She sighed and got close to the kids, noting their dirty clothes and understanding they had been digging near the trash bins. ‘Thank you so much; that was really brave,’ she told them, smiling widely. ‘I don’t have much to give you, but here, you can have this food.’

‘Thank you, miss,’ the bigger boy said, smiling at his brother, taking the food. They ran off, and Amelia touched her heart, shaking her head that those kids weren’t cared for. If they were hers, they would never starve again.

‘Do you remember me? You saved me,’ Amelia told the kid, leaning to see his eyes.

‘Yes,’ the boy nodded quickly.

‘That’s why they took Sam. They were angry with us,’ the kid explained how they were chased far out of the city, and they tried to run through the tracks to lose the gang, but Leo’s foot got stuck. They both tried hard to dislodge it, but the men caught up with him and laughed as they took Sam away, leaving Leo to die.

‘No,’ Amelia breathed, touching her heart. She looked at her husband meaningfully, and Marcus nodded and called the cops immediately. The cops couldn’t do anything to the men two days earlier because they hadn’t taken anything from Amelia. But they certainly could do something after they kidnapped a child.

A few hours later, Sam was located, and the gang members were arrested. CPS was involved too as the kids were orphans who’d been alone on the streets for years. They were placed in the system, but Amelia and Marcus couldn’t forget about them. So, a few months later, Sam and Leo came to live with them, and they ate deliciously every night.”

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