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Trending Videos Of Illegal Nigerian Immigrants Brutally Assaulted in Turkey While Being Arrested

Some videos have appeared on the internet, showing incidents where Turkish police attacked and violently assaulted Nigerian immigrants who are staying in Turkey without proper permission. These events took place on two different days, namely Wednesday, July 12, and Thursday, July 13, 2023.

According to someone who saw what happened and talked to Instablog9ja, Nigerians in Turkey are facing a difficult situation. Their official documents are being taken away from them, leading to their arrest and confinement in large containers. Even if they manage to get tickets to go back to Nigeria, they are caught by authorities at the airport.

The situation is very distressing for Nigerians living in Turkey because they experience physical mistreatment, the use of tear gas, and being forcefully taken to secret places where they might have to stay for many months.

On top of that, they are expected to buy their own tickets to return to Nigeria. Click Here To Watch Video….

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