A thief who had stolen goods from a store came back to return everything he had stolen and left a heartfelt note saying, “I’m sorry.”

Robbing Incident At Music Store
One day in 2019, a robbery took place at Music Tree School of Music in Richmond, Virginia. Owners Bill Hargis and his wife were totally upset. Apparently, the thief disguised himself as one of the customers at the music store. He bought an $8 tambourine, and when he reached the counter to pay for the item, his real intention was revealed.

At the counter, the suspect slyly distracted Bill so he could steal some items. When Bill turned his back, the thief grabbed his phone and a “22-year-old clarinet” belonging to one of their customers. And he hated the thought of calling the clarinet’s owner telling him it was stolen because he knew it had sentimental value to him. His grandmother gave it to him and only brought it to the store for repair. Also, he wanted to learn how to play the instrument.

Returning Stolen Items
Bill and his wife immediately reported the incident and shared the music store’s security cameras footage. Then the next day, everyone was stunned by what the thief had done. Captured on the security camera, he did not merely return all the items he stole but also left a heartfelt “I’m sorry” note.

“Please forgive,” the unidentified man wrote. “I have been victimized myself. My bills are piling up, my wife [sic] mobility is close to nothing. I’m struggling but this doesn’t give me the right to victimize anyone. I’m sorry — I wouldn’t want to happen to me … shamefully I am to my grave.”

Further, he attached a quote saying, “I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good thing, therefore, that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now.”

The man’s unexpected change of heart is melting the hearts of many. The footage was shared on social media and touched the people.

The owner, Bill, felt hopeful about what he witnessed from the man who repented.

“It was sad,” he said. “He felt regretful — He’s bringing (the stolen items) back because he felt guilty about it. There’s hope for people if they do that. I feel that maybe there’s hope for him.”

Indeed, there is hope for every man, no matter how sinful they are, if they surrender their lives to Christ.

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