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They Are Not 138yrs: Lady posts her Great Grand Mother who is a twin and their are Both 138years, But Some People Don’t Believe

In a recent TikTok post, a Nigerian lady has garnered attention by sharing a remarkable story about her great grandmothers, both of whom are allegedly 138 years old and twins. However, the video footage has ignited a wave of skepticism among social media users who question the veracity of the claims.

The video, uploaded by the Nigerian lady, showcased her great grandmothers engaging in what appeared to be a joyful celebration of their 138th birthday. The footage captured the elderly twins surrounded by family members, exchanging laughter and heartfelt moments.


While the video touched the hearts of many viewers, it also stirred up a significant amount of doubt and skepticism. Several social media users expressed disbelief, pointing out that it is highly uncommon for individuals to reach such an advanced age, let alone for both twins to have survived for 138 years.

Aged Nigerians keep awarding themselves long birth year far beyond when they were born. These beautiful twins are not even 100yrs not to tall of 105. Anyway. Congratulations and happy birthday

Happy birthday to them ❤️ But what Nigerians they always add join some old people age?… I see one woman wey no even reach 60 years, dey tell us her mum d!e at the age of 170 and na she be first born 😂

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