“The Girls Jump on Me & Scream”: 8-Yr-Old Says His Girlfriend Doesn’t Mind Him Buying 68 Roses for Every Girl in Class
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It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is a lover’s dream and a single person’s nightmare. Wise beyond his eight years, Callum Drew decided he wanted to make sure EVERY girl in his class felt included on this special day, regardless of whether they had a special someone to celebrate it with or not.

The big-hearted young boy saved up all the pocket money he could to buy a silk rose for every one of the 68 girls in his class. Callum presented the silk blooms to the 4th-grade girls today at Lacey Gardens School in Louth, Lincolnshire.

And this isn’t the first time he’s made such a grand gesture. In fact, it’s a yearly tradition that’s four years running.

The little charmer says he has a girlfriend, but she is okay with him gifting the other girls with flowers, even though it’s their first Valentine’s Day together. Callum says his best gift is reserved for his girlfriend, which he also worked hard to save up for.

“I just wanted to get some flowers for the girls in year four as I don’t want them to feel let down on Valentine’s Day,” explained Callum. “I have got a girlfriend. I haven’t told her yet but she does know about it because I do it every year.”

“I will go around every class and give them their present,” he added. “I have done it before for the last four years. The girls jump on me and scream because they are happy.”

The 4th-grader generally works in his grandma’s flower shop to earn the money, but since she died last year, he resorted to washing cars.

Stacey, Callum’s mom, is extraordinarily proud of her chivalrous son.

“He’s been doing it for four years, he started out with just his class but now he gives roses to every girl in his year. He says that no girl should be left out,” said Stacey.

“He normally helped his grandmother in the flower shop to earn the money but she died last year. This year he has decided to wash cars,” she shared. “He has washed about ten cars and has a couple more booked in. He was outside from 9.30am until 4.30pm and even then I had to drag him in as it was getting dark.”

She said last year all the girls starting screaming and piling up on him when he handed out the roses. According to Stacy, Callum “hates the attention from the girls.”

Regardless of the unwanted attention, Callum plans to continue his tradition of making every girl feel like a princess on Valentine’s Day. Kudos to this selfless young man who surely is a lil’ Romeo in the making!

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