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Strange Things Happened During Her Funeral, but Suddenly the Son Screams Due To What He Saw

Strange things happened during this woman’s funeral, but when her son screamed, something shocking happened. It was finally starting to happen exactly the way Yasmin had predicted.

Up to now, the sky was postcard perfect, but it was starting to change. It began as a whisper in the air, and just then the first pearls of rain dropped on the coffin. All of a sudden, the sky darkened into a gravel grey, and the rain became intense. People ran for cover, and umbrellas were opened as the clouds spat out their beads of water. The rain sounded like the buzzing of angry bees.


“Look, the mother is carrying the coffin, and the sun is not present. It’s happening exactly the way the dead woman predicted,” the crowd screamed.

Just then, the pallbearers slipped and fell into a ditch. The coffin fell from their hands, and the dead woman rolled out of it. The crowd froze. Perhaps they shouldn’t have come to this evil funeral, they thought. It was only during this moment that everyone believed that indeed the dead woman could see the future.


Yasmin was eight when her parents noticed that she was different. It started with her predicting the weather, but her parents didn’t think much of it. However, when Yasmin predicted that a neighbor would suffer a snake bite, and it happened exactly as she described, they knew there was more to this woman than met the eye.

Filled with fear, her parents dragged her into the room, and their questions flew at her in rapid succession. “How did you know about it? Did someone tell you?” The little girl only smiled and said, “I saw it.”


Then one night during dinner, Yasmin pointed to her dad and said, “You will walk away one day and never return to us.” An awkward and gnawing silence ensued, but no one broke it. Seven years later, it happened exactly as the girl had predicted. One morning after having breakfast, the man got up, walked out of the house, promised to be back in an hour or two, but his family never saw him again. People later claimed they saw him with another woman in a neighboring village.

Thence forward, Yasmin’s mother Shima believed in her daughter’s special abilities. Like any loving mother would, she warned her not to speak about it. But the teenager, for whatever reasons best known to her, didn’t follow this instruction, so she told people about the imminent doom that would befall them.


Yasmin really wasn’t a soothsayer; at least that’s what she told those who got infuriated when she couldn’t see their future. She didn’t have the ability to see everyone’s future. It just happened that sometimes she suddenly got dizzy and saw what would later happen to people – they could be friends, family, and even strangers.

Three years later, Yasmin, then 18, rose to fame and earned the name “prophetess.” Many people started storming her house, asking her to predict their future. But in what seemed like a nanosecond, what seemed like a loving and safe activity showed its ugly and dark side. People started blaming Yasmin for the tragedy that befell them. It got so bad that the villagers started assaulting her whenever her predictions came true and even when she failed to tell them about their future.


So one day, in the dead of night, Shima roused Yasmin from her sleep, and in a quavering voice, she whispered, “We can no longer stay here. We’re leaving now.” Shima had been planning the escape for a long time, so everything was set – the cabman who would transport them to their new destination and their new house that contained everything they would need.

At about 5:30 am, the cab, driven by a boatwoman, pulled up in front of a modest two-bedroom apartment. The fatigued Shima and drowsy Yasmin got down from the car. Just as they were about to enter the house, Yasmin became dizzy, and within a few seconds, she fell to the ground and started convulsing. This was the moment Yasmin always dreaded – she was about to see another vision. But this time around, she knew it was about herself.


Despite how tightly she shut her eyes, she saw everything, and it was as clear as crystal. Seconds later, Yasmin became still, and in a quavering voice that betrayed her bold demeanor, she told Shima, “Mama, I saw it all.”

According to her vision, her mother would carry her coffin, her unborn son would be absent at her burial, and there would be chaos during the procession. She told her mother that she would meet her future husband soon, but sadly, they would only be married for a day.


Yasmin’s vision broke her mother’s heart, and she wished she could do something about it. But she was as helpless as an infant caterpillar in a nest of hungry ants. Two months later, Yasmin passed away in her sleep. Shima was devastated, but she felt relief that her daughter was finally in a place of peace, and she started making the burial preparations.

Soon enough, it was the funeral day. Words got out that Yasmin predicted chaos on her burial day, so many people, even those from her former village, came to see things for themselves. During the procession, it started to rain heavily, and Shima, as Yasmin had predicted, joined the pallbearers to carry her daughter’s coffin. Just then, the pallbearers fell, the coffin came open, and Yasmin’s body fell out of it. But as the pallbearers tried to place her back into the coffin, they couldn’t. Everyone was frightened.


Just then, they heard a loud voice. All heads turned at once, and they saw Yasmin’s son running towards them. The boy ran to his mother and screamed, “I am so sorry for disobeying you. I’m so sorry for leaving. Forgive me, Mom.”

Immediately after the boy screamed, something shocking happened – the rain suddenly stopped, and almost immediately, the sun appeared in the sky. Just then, the pallbearers could carry Yasmin, and the procession continued in silence. No one dared to ask any questions, even though they were dying to know why Sam showed up even after Yasmin predicted that he wouldn’t be at her funeral. What went wrong? Well, no one knows.


The day after the funeral, Sam and his grandmother were home, still grieving, when they heard a knock on the door. Shima went to get it, and she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Fang. Sam knew right away that Fang was his dad. You see, after Yasmin’s burial, her story and pictures circulated, and as soon as Fang saw it, he came running to his son, whom he never knew existed.

Just as father and son were about to embrace each other, Sam fell, and just like his mom, he started convulsing. Shima knew exactly what was going on, so when the boy became calm, she said, “What did you see, Sam?” He hesitated for a while, then said, “Nothing.”


However, rumor has it that he saw a vision that he would someday harm Fang, which is why his mother never wanted him to meet his father. Sam would sometimes have fainting spells like

Yasmin, but he never spoke about his visions. Everyone thought Sam would run away from his dad so as not to hurt him, but Sam never left his father’s side.

People believed that, unlike his mother, Sam chose to fight and not run away from his destiny. That said, many claimed he was a loner. They felt he was a sad soul because he would often see terrible visions about people, and since he didn’t share them, he was eaten up with guilt.


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