Terrorist On Military Camouflage Caught Trying To Enter Catholic Church in Abuja (video)

There was apprehension at Archangel Raphael Catholic Church, Garki, Abuja, on Sunday, July 3, when an unidentified turbaned man invaded the church premises.

According to eyewitnesses, the man who wore sunglasses and a hat that had the inscription ‘POLICE” on it, did not have a tenable explanation when he was apprehended by the church worshippers.

He was also seen wearing a faded suspected US Army- type camouflage trousers and drove a silver-coloured Peugeot 406 with an Abuja number BWR-417HF.

Upon interrogation, he said he was here to see somebody but the person he claimed he came to see said he did not know him. After much interrogation, he said he was from Abia, where in Abia?, he could not say. He proceeded to reveal his relatives were from Ethiopia. So we asked him, what are you doing dressed like this?, he couldn’t provide a reasonable answer.

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