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Old Man Rescues Tiny Girl With a Giant Belly, but 30 Minutes Later, He Discovers Something Terrible

This old man was sitting quietly in his living room when he suddenly heard someone uttering a loud piercing cry. So the Old Man rushed to the window and saw a little girl in the next house, crouching on the ground and grasping her stomach.

He could tell that she was in lots of pain. Why wasn’t anyone coming out to help her? The old man wondered. As he flung his door open and rushed to the girl’s house, he would discover something terrible in a few minutes.

For some people, the city in which they live is a symbol of fulfillment and happiness, and for others, it can spell terror or grief. But for Igor, Chernobyl spelled happiness. It was the place where he had found true love, his wife Marichka, and where he planned to spend the rest of his life with her. Marichka felt the same way about the city too.

She loved the serene atmosphere, the friendly nature of its citizens, the culture, and the food. So the couple made plans: they would give birth to all their kids and raise them here, and then grow old together and die here.

Sadly, one by one, life and the city itself would take away from this couple everything they held dear, leaving them heartbroken and hopeless. And it all started in 1986, during the Chernobyl disaster. On April 25th, 1986, routine maintenance was scheduled at the VI Lenin nuclear power station’s fourth reactor. Workers planned to use the downtime to test whether the reactor could still be cooled if the plant lost power. During the test, workers violated safety protocols, leading to an explosion and fire that released large amounts of radiation into the atmosphere. The incident claimed lives and left many people sick.

People exposed to the radiation began to experience high anxiety levels, and their health began to deteriorate. Worse yet, many lost their source of income, and the city suffered economic decline. It was at this point that Chernobyl began to feel like a place of terror to the couple, who were also exposed to the radiation. But luckily, their health improved with time. Unfortunately, they lost friends to the incident, and Mariska’s father, who was exposed to the radiation, was hospitalized.

A year after the incident, the couple discovered they were expecting a child. In due time, Mariska gave birth to a beautiful girl, Ivana. The little girl was a happy child, full of smiles and appetite. But things eventually went wrong; Ivana fell so ill that her belly began to protrude. Ivana was like a rainbow amid her parents’ trials and pains; she was the reason they believed in a better future.

After Ivana’s birth, the couple was happy, but not for long. With each passing day, they grew tired of their lives in Chernobyl. They wanted to start anew elsewhere, but their beautiful memories held them back. However, when Igor lost his job and couldn’t find another, they knew it was time to leave. They moved to the U.S. for a better life. Mariska’s father was left behind, and tragedy struck soon after.

Life in the U.S. wasn’t as easy as they had imagined. Jobs were scarce due to a lack of proper documentation. Igor did menial jobs to get by. But tragedy struck again when Mariska fell seriously ill. She didn’t want her father to worry, so she kept her health struggles hidden. Mariska fought for her life but eventually passed away. Igor was shattered, but he had little Ivana to care for.

As years passed, Igor and Ivana’s love for each other grew stronger. Despite challenges, they found happiness. But another tragedy hit when Ivana fell sick. Igor struggled to afford proper treatment, and the little girl’s condition worsened. The old man in the neighborhood stepped in to help, leading to a revelation about Ivana’s condition. She had been affected by the Chernobyl disaster’s radiation.

With the support of Ivana’s grandfather, they discovered that victims of the disaster were entitled to free treatment in the United States. Ivana received medical help, although her uterus had to be removed. Ivana remained resilient and grateful for a second chance at life. The Chernobyl disaster’s effects continue, a reminder of the resilience shown by individuals like Ivana and her family.

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