She Said She Was Carrying Another Man’s Baby But Later Said It Was A Prank –
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She Said She Was Carrying Another Man’s Baby But Later Said It Was A Prank

I love this girl very much. In this context I should say, I loved her very much until something dramatic happened yesterday. That’s what happens when it comes to Zed. I don’t know what exactly she seeks to find or is looking for but my girl has a penchant for playing pranks on me. It’s not even one of those hilarious pranks with ridiculous stories we can laugh about later. No, hers blurs the lines between pranks and something to cause panic.

I know that sometimes pranks cause panic but in most cases, it’s just something silly for laughs. Anyway, in the fourteen months I’ve dated this lady, she played different sets of practical jokes on me. Most of which had to do with breakups. I don’t know how she does it but my girlfriend would come up with these crazy stories.

She is always so convincing with her stories that no matter how hard I try not to believe her, I would fall for it. The stories ended with us breaking up so you can imagine how many times we’ve supposedly broken up in the relationship. Every time she comes to me saying, “Babe, guess what happened?” I tell myself, “Not again.

Whatever crazy story she has to tell me today, I won’t fall for it.” But she is so good at twisting words and turning hearts that I accidentally get my heartbroken. The moment she sees that I am hurt or angry she would say, “Babe, relax.

It was just a joke. Come on! Can’t you take a little joke?” I would then feel like the uptight guy who took things a little too far and then apologize. In all this, we share the same best friend. And sometimes she gets caught in our drama. Yesterday, for instance, my girlfriend went to tell our friend that there was a guy she liked.

Not even liked, loved. She said she was so into the guy that one day they attended a party together at my without my knowledge. At the party, she had too much to drink and so did he. At the end of the night, they ended up sleeping together.

They did everything. And she had just found out she was a month pregnant for the guy. This was what our friend told me. It didn’t sound like her usual jokes to me. Even Zed in her silly ways wouldn’t go this far,” I said to myself as I struggled to accept what her friend was telling me. I was so heartbroken that something like this could happen.

My friend was confiding the issue in me as if she was not supposed to tell me. So I assumed we were both having a confidential conversation. I said a lot of nasty things to her about Zed out of pain. The entire time I was ranting, my best friend was empathizing with me. A Guy Caught Us Doing It And Started Raising An Alarm

Unbeknownst to me, our friend forwarded all our chats to her. All the mean things I said about her when I thought she was pregnant with another man’s baby, she saw all of it. In the morning Zed told me, “I saw everything you said about me. I was just playing a prank on you but you took it World Cup.

I was trying to test both of your loyalties. At least, now I know who is more loyal to me.” Since we had this conversation yesterday, I have been stressed. I don’t know what to do with her anymore. I was madly in love with her but after yesterday the love has disappeared. Should I use this opportunity to break up with her for real and move on with my life? If not, I would have to apologize for saying those mean things out of anger. That’s the only way we will work things out.

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