She Left Me For Another Man So I Cursed Her With My Necklace, You Won’t Believe What Happened Next –
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She Left Me For Another Man So I Cursed Her With My Necklace, You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

When I started dating Yaa, she had never been with anyone until I came along. I was her first boyfriend and the first man she had intimacy with. I loved her to the point where I had eyes for no other woman. Not once, did I cheat on her. I couldn’t even entertain the thought. We had our good days and bad days as well. However, we never let anything come between us. At the time I met Yaa, we had just completed senior high school. I didn’t have a proper job but I was taking care of her needs.

I gave her money every month to braid her hair. If she had other needs too, she would ask me for money and I would give it to her. I felt responsible for her because she was my girlfriend. In 2018, my father who was living abroad at the time, sent me money to further my education. I bought teacher training college forms and gained admission. Later, I found out that Yaa had also bought teacher training college forms and gained admission. She chose another school in a different region so I didn’t get to see her as often as I used to. Despite the distance between us, Yaa and I were still very much in love.

We used to talk on the phone every morning, afternoon, and evening. While I worried the distance would kill our love, this same love grew stronger in our first year in school. In our second year, however, Yaa started changing. She became too busy for me all of a sudden. I would call her and she would be on another call. She wouldn’t call me back afterward. Sometimes it would take her twenty-four hours or two days to return my calls. There was only a simple reason for her behavior.

Another man. I hadn’t seen her with my own eyes but the writings on the wall were clear. No woman who is not cheating on her man would spend so much time avoiding him. Her behavior affected me greatly. I couldn’t study well. All I could think about was how to get confirmation that she was cheating on me. When I was a child my grandmother gave me a necklace. This necklace has spiritual characteristics. It has the gift of sight. When I use it, I can see what has happened in the lives of people close to me, the current events in their lives, and what will become of them in the future.

If you want to use the necklace to curse someone, it comes at a great cost. It’s not witchcraft. It’s just a spiritual necklace. I wanted to use the necklace to find out if Yaa was cheating, but I thought better of it. Rather, I decided to make good use of the human resources available to me. I had friends in her school so I started asking them questions. They were reluctant to share information with me at first but I was relentless.

I kept pushing until they started opening up to me. Although it broke my heart, I was thankful that our mutual friends confirmed that she had another man. I asked Yaa about it several times but she swore there was no one else apart from me. I became depressed because of this. By then we had dated for three years. I complained about her behavior to my friends and they advised me to give her space. It was difficult to do but I heeded their advice. I gave her space and it worked perfectly. She sent me a message one day after I had ignored her for a while. She told me straightforward that she was dating someone else.

I don’t want to be with two people so let’s break up,” she said. Before her confession, I had already seen the signs but it doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt all the same. I cried for days. I came close to death even. What nearly killed me was the fact that she was flaunting the new guy on her status. All her posts were attached to love captions. This was something she rarely did when she was mine. I cried. “Yaa, please make me your side man. Anything is better than losing your completely,” I pleaded with her. She said she doesn’t cheat in relationships. With that, she discarded me. It was at that time that I remembered the necklace. I wore it and it took me somewhere (spiritually).

I was asked what should be done for me and I mentioned Yaa’s name. Instead of requesting that she fall in love with me again, I requested that she should never get a husband. I asked that all her relationships would be bad and that the only people who would treat her better should be married men. All this happened as a dream but the necklace was no longer around my neck when I woke up. It was in my hands. That’s how I knew I was not merely dreaming. After this, Yaa’s campus relationship went into a mess. She came crawling back to me for another chance.

I knew what I did so I gave her a chance. I treated her better this time around. I bought her gifts and gave her money although I was also a student. I wanted to prove my love for her so I used my allowance. We did a video call and things got intimate. I recorded them so that if she decided to leave me again, I would use her nudes to blackmail her into staying. I should add that even though she came begging me to take her back, she didn’t stop cheating on me. I didn’t see any signs but the necklace told me she was doing it. I still loved her so I didn’t go digging for the truth. I chose to leave things as they were. All that mattered was that I got to be with her. One day she visited me in Kumasi and spent some days with me.

I treated her perfectly. I had hopes that she would eventually see that I was the best man for her. Unfortunately, those hopes were dashed when she returned home. Yaa broke up with me without any cause. I was more depressed than I had ever been. I did not want to use the necklace so I threatened to leak her nudes if she didn’t take me back. I sent it to her and even joined her school’s WhatsApp group. “I am on your school’s WhatsApp group now,” I said to her, “If you joke, I will release the nudes.” All this was to put fear in her but she was not moved. She didn’t even beg me not to do it.

I got upset and did a foolish thing. I posted in the group that I had Yaa’s nudes on my phone. I posted a regular photo of her to further prove my point. It was at this point that she knew I was not to be trifled with. She called my mother and some of my friends. They spoke to me and I came back to my senses. I sat down and deleted all the nudes. I was still in love with her after everything she put me through. So I apologized and asked her for one more chance. Unfortunately, she didn’t want anything to do with me again. I was frustrated. I hated to lose her. I wanted to make sure she suffered for leaving me again, so on my birthday, I took out the necklace and pronounced the same curses on her again.

I had to pay a price for the curse to actually work. I had to lose all the money I had made at that point in my life and be wretched for the rest of the year. So I paid it. I suffered miserably in 2021, but thankfully, I have recovered everything I lost in a dozen folds. Now, I don’t think about Yaa anymore. I am slowly getting over her. I haven’t had any interest in a new relationship either.

All the girls I tried to date, turned out to be liars. I would mention their names for my spiritual investigation only to learn that they were dating someone else in addition to me. This is why I don’t bother getting close to any woman anymore.

While I don’t entertain women anymore, I’m still friends with Yaa. I still love her, but this time not much. I have money to take care of her now. I’m also very good in bed so I can satisfy her sexual needs as well. It’s just that we don’t talk as frequently as we used to. We would go for several months without talking.

This is why I am confused about a dream I had about her. In the dream, she was begging me to reverse all the curses I placed on her. Could it be that it was just a dream so it doesn’t mean anything? Could it also mean that her spirit is in distress because of the curses? I don’t know what to do. Should I reverse the curses or I should leave things alone? I need your advice. —

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