She Grabbed My Ball! Nigerian Man Dragged Out Of Supermarket For Confronting a Lady Who Grabbed His Balls (Video)

Nigerian man got dragged out of a supermarket with injury in his body after he allegedly questioned a lady who grabbed his ball in the supermarket for no reason.

According to him
Just got assaulted and my hand broken @ Maxland supermarket, Amonota filling station , Ago Palace way. By the management for asking for clarity

by the guy in this video for questioning why the lady who is also in this video for sexual harassment grabbing my balls for nothing.

The lady and the d guy in this pic. The supposed manager of the store instructed I be dragged out. While dragging me out forcefully. Deliberately bending my hand off these railings

Still got dragged out like a thief with a broken arm writhing in pain and the supposed manager calling the police on me . After getting my properties damaged , my phone broken, slippers and jacket torn . Threatened to be beaten .

Pls help me ask Maxland supermarket opposite Greenfield Estate, Ago Palace way, Okota, Lagos what I destroyed or touched in their store to deserve this. I was left writhing in pain till I got someone to call a friend to come take me to a clinic

MAXLAND SUPERMARKET & STORES management, opposite Greenfield Estate, Ago Palace way did this, dragged me out in pains , still called the police on me saying I have to follow them to their station to make a statement while in severe pains. Pls ask them to keep their cctv.

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