Reason Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until You Have Money To Find a w wife — Man Reveals

Reason Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until You Have Money To Find a w wife

According to him:

John Doe @jon_d_doe

If you wait until you think you’ve gotten money before you start to look for a wife, the probability of finding the wrong wife is high. Let me not sound like a broken record. A lot of you in relationships have actually found your wives. But because you’re broke, unstable, you lack the confidence & conviction to make that woman believe in you, It may sound somehow, but one reason she may leave you is because you’re “throwing things open”. You’re afraid to commit to her & not fulfilling it when things look up for you. So you don’t want to “promise” her anything. I was also advised this way too. lalso understand why a lot of men will rather not promise anything as no one can predict the future. But come to think of it.

Wouldn’t you rather want your day one ride or d#e chick to be your future wife? Trust me, all these marriage fanfare and engagement will only just be formalities. You’ve long been married just not official. When she’s eating your money, you’ll be happy because you know she worked for itwith you. She drank Garri with you, why not eat chicken with you? Why must someone else enjoy it and why should another man enjoy yours? Didn’t you guys have a plan? Or you Just wanted to be f#ck buddies? Common that’s waste of years. You’ll always meet beautiful women, even as a married man, they’ll chase you.

But there will always be that missing “spark” if you don’t marry that woman who knew you from day one. Just casst your minds on how your parents met. Most, had nothing but they worked things out. Imay be wrong, as I can’t prove it, but let’s not doubt it much if our fathers met our mothers as mostly virgins before marriage.

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