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Woman Dumped And Abandoned Her Husband And Her Children, Few Years Later She Regretted Her Actions

“This woman dumped her husband and left their children years later. She ended up regretting it. Charlotte Smith was a seemingly normal 27-year-old woman with a seemingly normal life. She was married to a 28-year-old man called Marcus, and together they had two adorable young children, a daughter named Maggie who was five years old, and a son named Charlie who was three years old.

Charlotte was a stay-at-home mom who dedicated her time to looking after the children and making sure that the house was kept in order. Meanwhile, Marcus worked as a doctor in the local hospital. The man loved his job as he adored helping those in need. However, he often had to work long hours and would sometimes arrive home late.

For a time, everything seemed to be going well. Charlotte and Marcus appeared to be in love, and the couple couldn’t be happier with their little family. But as time went on, Marcus began to notice odd changes in Charlotte’s behavior. She became much less talkative with him, and whenever she did speak to him, she would keep her answers short and to the point.

As well as that, she began to use her phone much more often. Instead of spending time playing with her children, Charlotte would instead spend the majority of her day texting on her phone. Thinking that it was because of how much time he had been spending at the hospital and that she was feeling neglected, Marcus decided to try and surprise his wife with a romantic gesture.

He made sure to book a five-star hotel, along with making a reservation at one of the best restaurants he could find. The final part of his plan was to arrange for his parents to look after Maggie and Charlie for the weekend so that he and Charlotte could spend the entire time enjoying each other’s company.

Again, excited to tell his wife the plans that he had made, Marcus managed to finish work early one day. On the way home, he picked up a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne, excited to finally get some alone time and reconnect with his wife. But he never could have expected what awaited him at his home.

As Marcus entered the front door, he called out to his family to let them know that he was home. His two children came running from the living room, excited to see their father. But the man was surprised at who followed them. Coming out of the living room after Maggie and Charlie was a young woman who was definitely not his wife.

Confused and slightly worried about the stranger watching his children, Marcus asked the woman who she was and what she was doing there. The lady introduced herself as Holly, a 22-year-old student, and she explained that she had been hired as a nanny by Charlotte to look after the children while she went out.

Marcus was incredibly confused. Charlotte had never once said anything about hiring a nanny. What’s more, Marcus had no clue as to just where his wife had gone either, as she hadn’t said that she needed to go anywhere that she wouldn’t be able to take the children to. The man was becoming more and more worried about the whole situation.

He thanked Holly for her work and told her that she could go home, as he was able to look after Maggie and Charlie now. For the rest of the day, Marcus spent time playing with his children while trying to get in contact with his wife. However, no matter how many times he called or texted her, she never answered her phone.

Eventually, late into the evening when the children were in bed, Charlotte finally walked back into the home. She was dressed in one of her best dresses, and she was all made up with makeup and jewelry. Marcus immediately went and met her by the front door. He demanded to know where she had been and why she had left their children with a stranger.

Charlotte turned to him and told him that she had been out with her new boyfriend and that she was leaving him and their children to pursue a new life where she’d be happy. Marcus was stunned. He didn’t know what to say, and he simply watched as his soon-to-be ex-wife walked into their bedroom and began to pack her clothes and other items.

Finally, Marcus was able to come back to his senses and demanded Charlotte to explain exactly what she meant. The woman then went on to tell Marcus that she had met a man online and that they had been texting and seeing each other for months. She finally decided that she wasn’t happy with her life and that she wanted to start a new one with her new boyfriend.

After telling her husband this, Charlotte then grabbed her suitcase and without even a glance at her children’s bedroom, she left the house. Marcus was devastated. He didn’t understand what had just happened and why his wife had left him. He thought that they were happy and that everything was going well. Then, his entire life was torn apart.

But the worst thing was he had no idea how he was going to explain the situation to his children. The next day, Marcus woke his children up and treated them to their favorite breakfast. He then explained as best as he could to a five and three-year-old that their mother wouldn’t be coming home again. At first, the children didn’t quite seem to understand.

But as the days went by and there was no sign of their mom, the two little children began to get more upset and confused. Marcus tried his hardest to look after his children, but trying to balance work and being a single father was incredibly difficult. Deciding that he needed help, Marcus ended up calling Holly again and asked her if she would like a full-time position as a live-in nanny.

The young woman accepted, and after hearing how the children’s mother simply ran off without them, she vowed to try and be the role model that they needed. Things began to get better for Marcus and his little family. The man began to become one of the best doctors in the area, and people would specifically request to see him.

Eventually, he did so well that he was able to open up his own practice. This allowed him to hire other doctors and gave him more time to spend with his children. Maggie and Charlie came to adore Holly, who loved the kids just as much, and the three would do everything together. As time went by and due to how much time the two had to spend together, Marcus and Holly began dating.

Things were great, and Marcus felt as if he was finally happy again. A few years later, when Maggie was nine and Charlie was seven, the small family was getting ready to celebrate Christmas. Along with the excitement of the holiday, Marcus and Holly also had the amazing news that she was pregnant. The couple couldn’t have been happier; they had always wanted another little one ever since they had gotten married.

Christmas Eve finally arrived, and the family was getting ready by hanging up their stockings and generally having lots of Christmas fun. Suddenly, though, Marcus heard a knock on the front door. Thinking that it was Christmas carolers, he opened the front door with a large grin on his face. However, his smile fell when he saw who was standing on the other side.

Right in front of him was his ex-wife Charlotte, complete with her suitcase in her hand. The woman looked awful, and it was clear that the years hadn’t been kind to her. Immediately, Charlotte tried to make her way into the house. However, Marcus stopped her and asked her what she was doing back. Charlotte went on to explain that after that night when she had first left her family, she couldn’t have felt freer.

She and her new boyfriend began their life together by traveling whenever they felt like it. However, things started to go bad pretty quickly. After the first few weeks, the money soon began to run out, and Charlotte was forced to get a job as a checker in the grocery store. While she was working, her boyfriend began seeing someone else behind her back.

After Charlotte found out about his cheating, she left her boyfriend but was stuck in a town she didn’t know with no money to get back home. Eventually, after a few years working at the grocery store, she was able to save enough money to make her way back to her family. She told Marcus that she regretted leaving him and their children and that she had heard how well he was doing in his business.

She wanted to get back together with him. As she leaned in to kiss him, though, Marcus gently put a hand on her shoulder and pushed her back. He told his ex-wife that while he was sorry things hadn’t worked out for her, he wasn’t going to accept her back. He had gone through a lot of heartbreak after she had left and had had to figure out how to be a single father for two young children.

He explained that he couldn’t take her back anymore, as he didn’t trust her. More than that, he had found someone else who he loved with all of his heart. She had been there for him and the children when things had started to fall apart, and he simply couldn’t imagine his life without her now.

Charlotte was distraught. She had thought that Marcus would wait for her in case she ever decided to come back to him, but it turned out she was wrong. Marcus told his ex-wife that he wouldn’t stop their children from seeing her if they wanted to, but that it would be their decision to make. Charlotte nodded and told him that she understood.

The least she could do was become the mother to her children that she always should have been. After saying their goodbyes, Marcus shut the door and returned happily to his family. Content and feeling incredibly blessed for how things had worked out in the end. What an incredible story! Let me know what you thought about it in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and subscribe to keep up to date with all the new videos.”

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