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While Burying This Girl, the Priest Suddenly Screamed When He Saw a Rat Coming Out of Her Mouth

Katharina was a single mom with a beautiful daughter called Emilia. Katharina had her daughter when she was in her teens and was abandoned by her boyfriend, Emilia’s father. It wasn’t an easy task raising Emilia alone; however, she had help from her family, particularly her mother, who welcomed Emilia with open arms.

Katharina was an only child; her only sibling, Alfred, died as a toddler when she was just 8 years old. When Katharina told her family about the pregnancy, her father was filled with rage. He grabbed his shotgun in search of Alfred, whom he accused of destroying Katharina’s life. It took the intervention of their neighbors before Katharina’s father could be stopped. Alfred denied having any relationship with Katharina and even convinced his friends to do the same. It was a devastating experience that left Katharina depressed for months.

Her pregnancy wasn’t an easy one either. She had to visit the hospital numerous times for several complications. At some point, she was also admitted for two months because the doctors were worried she might lose her baby and that she might not survive either. Katharina went into labor in her 29th week of gestation but had a safe delivery.

Emilia had since grown up to be a beautiful little girl. She was adored by her teachers and friends. Emilia had a sweet voice that sounded like an angel’s. She had pristine blue eyes, a trait she inherited from her father, and soft spotless skin. Emilia was near perfect. Each time Katharina stared at her, she was glad she decided not to have an abortion against the advice of her friends.

Katharina worked from home as a freelance writer. This gave her enough time to take care of Emilia both physically and financially. She also authored a couple of books that were on their way to becoming bestsellers, or so the publishing house had told her.

Furthermore, she met a fellow writer, Sarah, who seemed to have taken an interest in Katharina and her daughter. Sarah visited them often, and anytime she came around, she would bring lots of gifts for Emilia. Afterwards, she would play with her in the garden. Katharina often watched them with tears of happiness in her eyes.

Sarah was divorced and, unfortunately, lost her daughter, Ashley, to a car accident when she was just two years old. Sarah blamed herself for her daughter’s death and carried the guilt around with her. The few times she’d discussed her daughter with Katharina, she always said, “It should have been me who died that afternoon, and not Ashley. I was the one who decided to run the red light, and she shouldn’t have been the one to pay for my mistake.”

Katharina believed Sarah and thought that Amelia was close to her because Emilia reminded her of her own daughter. Sarah was admitted that when she was with Emilia, the pain of losing her daughter disappeared, and Emilia also liked spending time with Sarah.

Katharina let Sarah spend time with Emilia for as long as she wanted. She was just delighted that she could provide some relief for a grieving mother, even if it was only temporary.

In a few months, Emilia would be 11, and Sarah had already promised her a gift. They were almost inseparable. Sometimes, Katharina felt as though Emilia was closer to Sarah than herself.

One afternoon, Sarah came to visit, and she and Emilia were playing in the yard while Katharina stayed indoors and worked on her laptop. However, after some time, Sarah rushed in with an unconscious Emilia in her arms, heading for the front door. Sarah sprang up from her chair and asked what happened. Sarah said, “We were playing a game when all of a sudden she just slumped, and I think her heart rate is slower than normal. I need to get her to the hospital immediately.”

Katharina headed to her room to get her phone and anything else they might need at the hospital. But before she got back out, Sarah had already sped off. She called Sarah thrice before she eventually picked up. All she said was, “I will tell you the name of the hospital we’re at when we get there.”

Sarah drove for a long time before she suddenly changed her route and headed toward the church. Sarah decided to come to a church rather than a hospital because a hospital would make it easier for her to get away with what she was about to do. But that wouldn’t be the case. She quickly made her way inside the building, carrying Emilia in her arms, and demanded a funeral.

A priest finally showed up to answer Sarah’s loud yellings. The priest requested that Sarah provide Emilia’s death certificate along with proof that she was her guardian. Sarah protested at the request, but seeing that she had no choice, she stormed out of the church, promising to be back with Emilia’s death certificate.

The priest took a long look at the young girl as she lay unconscious. Her beautiful face was silent, her lips tightly shut. He pondered the situation for a moment before deciding that it wasn’t in the best interest of the church that he quickly conduct the funeral. Meanwhile, Katharina was back home, eager to know what had befallen her daughter. She paced around in her sitting room, went upstairs, kneeled beside her bed, and prayed until she couldn’t hear herself.

Sarah was yet to update her about the situation; she hadn’t picked her call since the last time they spoke. Several hours passed, and Sarah was nowhere to be seen. Inside the priest took it upon himself to conduct the funeral. He stood over the corpse and began the funeral rights. As he read from his Bible, he realized that the girl’s mouth moved. He decided to ignore it, thinking his old age was playing tricks on him. However, the movements occurred once again, this time it was more visible than before.

The priest stopped reading from the Bible and lowered his face toward Emilia’s corpse. Just as he did that, he screamed and jumped back immediately. He was terrified by what he had just seen. As he lowered his face down toward Emilia, a big black rat immediately came out of her mouth. The priest regained his balance and tried desperately to drive the rat from the coffin, but this particular rat was a stubborn one.

The priest then called for medical help immediately. When the medical team and ambulance arrived, the first thing they did was observe Emilia’s body. To their great surprise, Emilia was still alive. In addition, the rat wasn’t in Emilia’s mouth as the priest had thought all this while. The room where Emilia’s coffin was kept was pest-infested, and somehow a rat found its way inside the coffin. Nonetheless, Emilia was still alive.

If you remember, Sarah never went to the hospital; she stopped midway and went straight to the church. She had clearly decided to come to a church rather than a hospital because a church would make it easier for her to get away with whatever plan she had in mind. But her plan failed.

The medical team further examined Emilia and found that she had overdosed on sleeping pills. It was the root cause of Emilia’s state. All this while, Sarah was expected to appear with a death certificate. She hurriedly made her way back to the church, but little did she know the news that awaited her.

The priest called the authorities, and they planned to disguise themselves because they thought she was either a kidnapper or responsible for harming her. Sarah ran into the church with the death certificate, but it was too late. She was shocked when she couldn’t find Emilia. The priest questioned Sarah on the whereabouts of the girl’s mother; she replied that the mother was her sister and she had left her at home so she wouldn’t have to see all of these.

Sarah stated she had lost her own daughter and was afraid Katharina might end her life because of the grief. Sarah sounded as honest as she could be. The priest then asked about the sleeping pills in Amelia’s system. Sarah was taken aback for a few minutes, but as she replied to the priest, she noticed the police had surrounded the church. Sarah knew her jig was up; she attempted to make a run for it, but she was caught.

Sarah admitted to drugging the little girl, after which she planned on kidnapping her and leaving the country so she could finally have a daughter again. The priest found Katharina, revealing the events that happened in the past 24 hours. Katharina was shocked; she couldn’t believe that Sarah wasn’t the person she thought she was.

During Sarah’s trial, she pleaded guilty to attempted kidnapping and murder. Her plan was to fake the little girl’s death, leave the country, and make Emilia her own daughter. To you, that might sound bizarre, but to Sarah, it made a lot of sense. She said, “Emilia is my daughter and not hers. It might sound strange to all of you, but that’s the truth.

She enjoys spending time with me; we get along better than she does with Katharina, and I am a better mother than she is. I believe Ashley is my daughter, and she came back as Emilia. That’s why Emilia was born a month after my Ashley passed away, and Katharina is the only one keeping my daughter away from me. When I look at Emilia, all I see is Ashley.”

Sarah revealed that she went to a church because she believed having a church funeral is enough evidence to help her get past the police. The hospital would easily figure out that Emilia was alive and disrupt her plans. Fortunately, the priest thwarted her schemes, and she was sentenced to many years in prison.

Emilia recovered speedily, and Katharina swore never to leave her alone with any stranger, no matter how friendly she was.

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