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Only me took 3 ref and Loud – Nigerian Lady Brags Online (Video)

Only me took 3 ref and Loud - Nigerian Lady Brags Online (Video)

A video footage posted on Instagram show the moment a Nigerian lady was bragging over his habit of taking drugs and blaming it on Tiktok communities for making her to do things she doesn’t want do.

In the video footage, the lady put her tongue on display while admitting to have taken 3 ref and loud, she was still smoking but kept on blaming tiktok communities who made her to do so, due to the viral challenge going on.

She went on to reveal that she had been extremely hungry after taking dr*g and smoking weeds, this she said, while devouring watermelon and even invited her audience to join her so they wouldn’t think she was stingy.


The video footage caused a reaction as people criticized her for this kind of lifestyle;

one social media user reacted : Dear men, before you marry any Gen z both now and in the future, make sure you go through her social media accounts and also search for her on other platforms to avoid marrying rubbish. Tomorrow now they will say it’s their “past”.

@elight: Then later you will tell a serious guy to forget about your past. Omo it will still be used against you. Be careful

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