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Husband Finished the Phone call. But He had no idea that His Wife Already Heard Everything

“Amanda and Leo were the perfect couple. Leo was the only reason Amanda wanted to live. He was the rainbow that came up after her storm, and she trusted him as if her life depended on it. He literally couldn’t breathe without him, and over the years, he came to mean the world to her. But that world came crashing down one cold and lonely night when he forgot to hang up, and Amanda heard everything he said over the phone. What he said was something so cold and callous, something so bitter and inhumane.

Amanda was always a happy girl. She was optimistic, she always found a way to bounce back no matter the trials and hardships that came her way. She loved without holding back. At 18, she was youthful, adventurous in love, and ready to take over the world. But the first-ever difficulty she encountered happened at 18 when she found out she was pregnant.


That morning, Amanda flinched in terror when she saw two lines on the pregnancy test kit. She started panicking, tripping over everything she came across as she rushed out of the house. When Helen, her mother, asked if everything was fine, she hurriedly said she was okay and she stormed out of the house after her boyfriend Kyle’s house.

Even though Kyle was also 18 and young, he had told Amanda many times that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. So, even as her heart was racing so fast and she was shaking all over, Amanda trusted that everything would be fine. Unfortunately, she was about to get the shock of her life.


When she got to Kyle’s house, she saw a family of three moving their luggage into his apartment. Yes, Kyle had been giving different excuses not to see her for the past two weeks, but he had said nothing about moving out. So, what on earth was going on? Amanda panicked as she walked over to one of the kids who seemed to be about 16, then she asked about the previous occupants of the house.

Amanda’s face lit in terror when she was told that he had moved out and relocated to a different country. With trembling hands, she quickly dialed Kyle’s number, and he finally picked up on the fourth ring. Without even waiting for whatever she had to say, Kyle told her that she needed to stop calling him because it was over between them.

What? Over? Didn’t they talk late into the night yesterday? Didn’t he even send her a text this morning saying he loved and cherished her? Well, that wasn’t what needed to be addressed at the moment. So Amanda breathed in, then she said, ‘I’m pregnant.’ Of course, he didn’t doubt that he was responsible for the pregnancy, so he said, ‘Do whatever you want with it. I’m not ready to be a father,’ then he slammed down the phone.


Amanda sank to the ground right away, and without caring if the new tenants were watching, she cried her soul out. Over the next few weeks, Amanda, being a tough and optimistic young lady, eventually got over Kyle’s betrayal. And nine months later, she welcomed her beautiful baby girl, Anna, who sadly was born with several health complications, including asthma.

Amanda did everything to be the best mother possible. With Anna by her side, she felt confident, happy, and safe, and she built her world around the little girl. The two would wear matching outfits, and they would turn heads wherever they went.


Little Anna always had a way of cracking her loving mother up. Unfortunately, this beautiful relationship would only last a few years. When Anna turned four, she became sick. Sadly, she didn’t make it. She passed away one cold night in Amanda’s arms, leaving the poor woman lonely, dejected, and miserable.

Amanda was a fighter, a survivor, but her daughter’s death was too much. It was more than she could take. On different occasions, she tried to take her own life. She became a shadow of herself. She would pull the blinds down, turn off the lights, slide under her blankets, and cry. Before Amanda knew it, five years flew past, and she was even worse than ever.

It was during this period that Amanda’s friend Natalie decided that she needed to do something about Amanda’s situation. She knew Amanda needed to feel alive once again. And maybe, just maybe, if she had someone by her side, she would be able to get out of that bed and put the past behind her.


So Natalie introduced Amanda to a guy, Leo. Leo was easy-going, funny, and smart—exactly the kind of guy most ladies wouldn’t be able to resist. Of course, Amanda did try to resist him, but not for too long. After a year of asking her to be his woman, Leo was finally able to break through Amanda’s thick walls, and boy, she fell hard for him. Leo promised to always be there for Amanda, and he told her that she could talk to him anytime whenever she was feeling lonely and depressed. And this she did. Even at 3 am, she would call him, and he was always there to answer her call, promising her that he would always stay by her side through thick and thin.

Each day, Amanda felt so glad that she gave Leo a chance in her life. He was sweet, generous, and funny, and she knew Anna would have loved him too. After a year, the two eventually got married, and their relationship was even more perfect. Whenever they were together, Amanda could easily put her grief to the back of her mind.


They could spend the whole day teasing each other. Leo would tease Amanda about how she often talks in her sleep, and Amanda would make fun of his illegible handwriting and how he almost always forgets to hang up the phone. And how she would listen to him once when she called him at work, he forgot to hang up, and she heard him complaining about his work, hitting his table, and using his keyboard aggressively. When he got back from work, she told him about it, and they had a good laugh over it. They were just two wonderful lovebirds who seemed to understand each other well.

It wasn’t always perfect, though. Despite having Leo by her side, Amanda still had bad days when she just wanted to stay in bed and cry about her daughter. Sometimes her emotions got the best of her, and she would take out her frustrations on Leo. Regardless of all this, Leo knew Amanda was a sweet soul. Often times, he would try to get her to go out with him, you know, have drinks, party, just do something else apart from watching movies at home or cooking together and cuddling all day. But Amanda wasn’t interested in all that. Actually, she had never been an outgoing person, and while dating, she never hid that from Leo. But he always thought he could change her.

Amanda never stopped Leo from going out. She was even fine with him staying out late. Sometimes he would ask her if he could spend two days or even three at his friend Kevin’s house, and Amanda would agree.


Yes, she trusted him that much. She would pack his bag, see him off to the car, and then they would spend the rest of the day talking on the phone, laughing, and laughing. It was on one of these days that Leo was out with his friend that Amanda called that day. She was having a bad evening, and she called, crying, to tell Leo that she was missing him.

“It’s okay, baby. I’m coming right away. I want you to turn on our favorite music and just dance. I’ll join you soon. I love you so much,” he said.


“Okay, baby. I love you more,” Amanda responded, as soon as he ended the call—or so he thought. He hissed loudly. “Ah, this lady’s crazy. She’s a depressed lunatic. Oh my God, I’m tired of her constant crying,” he said, and as he often did, he went ahead to tell his friend how Amanda was a killjoy and how she was obsessed over her dead daughter.

He even admitted that he would dump her soon once he finds someone just as sweet and attractive as her. “You know, maybe it’s all a mistake—loving her, marrying her—everything is just a big mistake. I don’t want a big crybaby. I’m so sick and tired of her,” he said and drank more bottles of beer.


An hour later, Leo bid his friends goodbye, and he stomped his feet to his car. It was time to head back home. It was also time for him to play the part of the sweet, understanding, and caring Leo. “Oh my God, it’s so exhausting,” he muttered under his breath, walking into the room.

Leo was shocked to discover that all his clothes had been stuffed into his suitcase. “Amanda, what’s happening here?” he panicked at the thought that she was about to chase him out. Yes, he had plans to leave her, but not now. He was in a financial mess and was paying off loads of loans, so he still needed her to continue paying rent.


“I heard you. I heard everything you told your friends about me. You didn’t hang up, as usual,” Amanda said calmly, in a way that scared Leo. He tried to laugh it off, claiming they were just having fun, but Amanda was no fool. What kind of man makes fun of his wife’s pain? What kind of husband tells his friend all sorts of terrible things about his wife? Well, she had now seen his true colors, and she felt stupid for trusting and loving him. She told him to leave before she called the police.

So Leo picked up his bag and walked out of the room, only looking back once to tell her that she should get a life and get over her daughter. It happened all over again. Amanda was once again betrayed and dumped. But this time around, she told herself that she needed to be strong.


She signed up for a counseling class and began to learn some coping mechanisms. Yes, at some points, she felt like giving up, but she didn’t. A year later, Amanda had moved on with her life, and her mental health had improved. She now learned to be happy alone, not to feel lonely, and to be her own best friend.

And yes, Leo did beg to come back into her life, saying he missed her and he would never love another like her. But Amanda knew better. She knew someone like Leo didn’t deserve a second chance. Sipping wine one cool evening, Amanda looked through the window with a smile on her face as she looked forward to a beautiful future filled with lots of love, fun, and laughter.

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