Mom Left Her Baby Alone In Her Bed Room, Then She Heard Her Husband’s Screams –
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Mom Left Her Baby Alone In Her Bed Room, Then She Heard Her Husband’s Screams

Carrie and Larry Volmer from Fort Worth, Texas, put their 17-month-old daughter to bed like it was any other night. She’d cried a little bit, but as usual, after a couple of minutes, she was asleep. Unfortunately for this happy family, however, they were about to discover something terrible the next morning that would change their lives forever.

The married couple had set up a happy home with their two children, Jackson, three, and Sammy, 17 months. With everything in place, the four of them were leading an idyllic life. Carrie would likely never have believed that something so awful was lying in store for them.

sound before her body failed further harrowing news came when doctors warned that due to his age, had Jackson been in his usual bedroom that night, he could have died too. Young children cannot regulate their own body temperature and don’t sweat as much as adults, which makes them more susceptible to overheating, Dr. Todd Wolf, a pediatric emergency physician from Fort Worth, told a Star-Telegram.

are spared from the horrific grief we are forced to endure each day. With more than 210 shares, Carrie’s initial Facebook post has since gone viral. People have reached out to her family, expressing love and support as well as sharing their own stories. It has also become clear that Sammy’s page could potentially save lives, too.

Some of the nightmarish incidents that readers have shared with Carrie seem as distressing as her own story. On top of numerous closed shaves, Carrie has heard about children turning blue and having to be thrown in the bathtub as well as parents who have walked into bedrooms that are 90 degrees Fahrenheit. One thing’s for sure, Carey’s experience was not unique devastatingly though nothing will bring Sammy back, and for this devastated family, the nightmare will go on. We miss her every second of the day, Carrie told WFAA. There’s a very large hole in our family without her here.

The door to Sammy’s bedroom is now always open. Its white wooden crib still stands with plush toys filling the room. I can’t stand to see the door closed, Carrie explained to the Star-Telegram. I don’t want to ever feel like we’ve forgotten about her.

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