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Nigerian lady breaks down in tears after finding out that the boy that has been Toasting her finally moved on and Got married!

A Nigerian woman recently went through a heart-wrenching experience when she discovered that the guy who had been pursuing her romantically had found someone else and gotten married. The news hit her hard, and she couldn’t hold back her tears of disappointment.

For some time, this woman had been the center of the young man’s attention. He had been making efforts to win her over, using various romantic gestures and expressing his interest in her. However, without her knowledge, he had made the decision to move on and commit to someone else by getting married.

When the woman found out about his marriage, it was a huge shock for her. The realization that the man she had feelings for was now off the market shattered her hopes of a future together. Overwhelmed by sadness and disappointment, she couldn’t help but break down in tears

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