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Blind Dad Was Forced Out Of Home, You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

“For years, a blind man evicted from his own home suffered hardships, even deceit while selling mops and brooms on the street. You won’t believe what happened to him next. It’s not easy to live life with a disability, especially if you’re forced to work for the sake of family. It’s a harsh reality, and no matter how kind and genuine you are, not everyone is going to treat you the same.

A father of three was dealt with difficult cards in his life, having to work despite being blind to feed his children. On top of this, he and his family were recently evicted from their home after failing to pay their rent for years.


Sebastian Ibanez of Mesa, Arizona sold brooms and mops on the street; it was his only way to earn money for his family as no one would offer him a job because he was blind and partially deaf. Although he tried to earn a living decently, many took advantage of his disability to deceive him. On more than one occasion, he would be handed fake bills, proving humanity can be quite cruel. Sebastian was not only deceived by some customers, but he was also a victim of racial discrimination.

If this isn’t enough to dampen one’s spirit, Sebastian was in a car accident and was once hit by a car, and his wife was fighting cancer. Despite all of these challenges, he continued to show up on the streets with a smile on his face, eager to sell as many brooms and mops for the sake of his family.


He remained hopeful that one day life would finally be on his side. One kind Samaritan named Jimmy Darts learned about Sebastian’s story and decided to share it with the world. Little did he know he was about to change the man’s life for good.

Jimmy shared that while he was able to donate one thousand dollars to Sebastian, he thought he deserved more to provide for his family. He also hoped his efforts would land the hard-working dad his dream job, which is to be the first blind car salesman in Arizona.


To help Sebastian out, Jimmy set up a GoFundMe page that ultimately raised more than just the initial twenty thousand dollar goal. Sebastian and his family received a whopping $122,181 and counting from a total of 5,900 donors.

After years of experiencing the cruelty of the world, Sebastian was finally able to meet people who were willing to show him that not everybody out there was out to get him; there were thousands of people willing to help him have a fresh start, and they did just that by helping him financially.

Thanks to Jimmy, people have found ways to help Sebastian aside from financially. More than the money he received, another blessing came his way when a dealership discovered his inspiring story in a post on Facebook.


Following the blessings he received, Sebastian expressed his gratitude writing, “I appreciate the opportunity because to me, the money is like giving me a fish; it will solve my problems for now. But giving me a job is like teaching me how to fish; it is able to solve my problems for the rest of my life. I appreciate Jimmy and everything he does. God has sent him to be an angel for many people.”

Brown Brothers Automotive, through owner Tim Brown, gladly offered him a job at the dealership. “Why wouldn’t I hire him? No question,” he said. Brown claimed Sebastian had the best traits that would make him a great salesman – his positive attitude and being an all-around good person – so they made sure to reach out, and the rest is history.


Upon discovering the blessing, Sebastian couldn’t help but circle back to the reason why he worked so hard – his three children – claiming how they inspire him to be the best he can be. He shared, “I want to be someone my children are proud of, someone my children want to be like. I don’t need any role models for them if I am able to be it.”

On Sebastian’s first day on the job, Brown gave him a tour of the lot to familiarize himself with his surroundings. While they were walking around, Brown happily revealed that someone had called wanting to work with Sebastian directly to purchase several cars. That was only the first day of Sebastian’s new life, and things were finally shaping up for him.


Thanks to an innocent post on the internet, his life changed in a snap, and it’s just the beginning for him. Ultimately, Sebastian is grateful for all the help he received. While he acknowledged the money had secured opportunities for his family, it’s the kindness and good vibes he received that he appreciated the most.

He added that because money comes and goes, it’s the opportunity to earn a consistent living through the car dealership that will allow him and his family to live comfortable lives for years. Because of this, he will forever be appreciative of the opportunity the Brown family gave him and he’s inspired to work hard to repay their kindness.”

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