Pensioner Found a Boy in the woods and Asked if he was Lost But The Answer He Gave Left The Man In Surprised –
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Pensioner Found a Boy in the woods and Asked if he was Lost But The Answer He Gave Left The Man In Surprised

“Russell Jones lived in the town of Akraines in Iceland. One night, he was surprised to find a lost boy in the freezing forest close to his home. When morning came and he found out the whole truth about the boy, his hands shook. Russell was not happy with the immense amount of snow that had fallen in his backyard overnight, but he still wanted to go out.

It was late afternoon when he opened his front door and took a deep breath, feeling a light breeze on his face. Nothing made the old man more excited than his daily walk at exactly 6 PM, always accompanied by his best friend and faithful companion, Spike. Although the snowfall had left more than eight inches of snow on the ground, the dog went ahead of him as if he were clearing the way and leading the walk.

Russell’s complete love and trusting relationship with his little dog was easy to understand. Spike was his only friend, and Russell felt safe with him around. The old man had no one else to rely on after the death of his wife and the loss of his only daughter, Holly.

His daughter was really a late blessing in life, since both her parents were already over 40 when Russell’s wife became pregnant. They had difficulty trying to conceive, and just when they had given up, they received word from the doctor that unbelievably, his wife was pregnant. It was their last breath of hope.

Holly grew up to be a smart, well-educated girl attending good schools and getting high grades. She was well-behaved and easy-going, and she connected with her parents in an almost poetic way. Sometimes they didn’t even need to talk; with just a glance, they knew exactly what the other was thinking.

It was during college, however, that things began to change for the family. The fairy tale they had been living was coming to an end. The pleasant nights gave way to stressful mornings when Holly’s parents, without having heard from their daughter overnight, had no knowledge of her whereabouts or who she was with. Her good grades gradually dropped, and a meeting at the school was scheduled.

Suddenly, the gentle and sweet Holly turned into a stubborn and moody young woman who was always sneaking out to parties and not communicating well with her parents. All this did not happen out of the blue; there was a reason for it. In fact, the change in Holly’s behavior had a first and last name: Devin Wallace. He was her new boyfriend and, in her parents’ opinion, the one truly responsible for the changes in her behavior and the mess that her young life was becoming.

As someone who had never worked in his life and had failed in school three years in a row, Devin went into Holly’s heart at a hockey game when he scored a goal and dedicated it to the most beautiful girl among the spectators. Russell and his wife never had a problem with boys taking their daughter out, but they knew from the beginning that this young troublemaker was not a good choice.

After all, since the two began dating, Holly stopped wanting to study, work, or even be close to her parents. She just longed for adventure and travel, which the small Icelandic town of Akraines could not provide. So when she came of age, she decided to travel the world, saying goodbye to her parents and taking her chances with her boyfriend, Devin. Of course, he was the driving force behind the entire trip.

Her parents tried to talk some sense into her young head, but being of legal age, she was now able to make her own decisions, and no one was going to stop her. She said goodbye to her parents coldly, waving from afar as Devin’s car pulled away from the small house where the family lived.

With a heavy heart, Russell hugged his wife lightly, as if to say that everything would be all right. However, fate was not kind to the family, and in less than four years, they received a terrible letter that would change their lives forever.

While she was away, both parents tried to communicate with their daughter, but they never got an answer. Then one day, they received a letter on her behalf. Unfortunately, their excitement in opening the envelope soon vanished when they read its contents. Holly had died in a serious car accident upon returning from a party with her boyfriend, Devin.

The letter from the local police didn’t explain the cause of the accident, but it clearly said that the driver of the vehicle was highly intoxicated. The couple did not know it at the time, but a few months later, the terrible details were revealed. Devin admitted before a judge that he was drunk and he took responsibility for the accident.

Russell received the news as if it were his own death. Ever since his daughter had left home and they had not heard from her, he had lost his zest for life and fallen into depression. He kept hoping that one day she would grow up, become wiser, and possibly even return. However, with the news of her death, sadness settled in even more, and the couple’s crying became commonplace.

His wife was admitted to the hospital about three months later and died suddenly of a heart attack. The doctor could not explain with certainty what led to the fatal outcome, but Russell was sure that the stress and trauma his wife had experienced were significant contributing factors.

It is difficult to imagine how Russell’s life might have been from that point on if it were not for his faithful companion, Spike. Russell found him rummaging through garbage cans near his house one day and adopted him, giving the elderly man a reason to wake up every morning. Once again, while walking his dog, Russell was able to forget his troubles.

But on this particular day, Spike suddenly raised his ears and began to run ahead. Russell thought that it might just be a squirrel or a fox that had caught Spike’s attention, but when he took his time to return, the old man followed his trail to see what was there. And when he saw what it was, it gave him such a fright that he almost fainted.

He never imagined that he would be seeing a scene like this. A boy of about seven was standing under a tree, stroking Spike’s head without any fear or concern. However, when he noticed Russell standing there, he was startled and immediately flinched.

“Easy, don’t be afraid, young man. How did you get here?” Russell asked him. His question was clearly well-founded. After all, the two were in the middle of a forest, and night was falling. The temperature was approaching freezing.

The boy did not answer; he just lowered his head and started to back away. At this point, Russell noticed that he had a mark on his face as if he had run into a tree trunk or branch. “Look, it’s okay if you don’t want to talk to me, but night is falling, and this is a dangerous place for a child. If you want, you can follow Spike and me back home.”

The boy looked suspicious, but he didn’t have many options, so he accepted the old man’s invitation. Back at his cabin, Russell lit the fireplace and served him hot chocolate and cookies, which he devoured quickly. He was clearly not very comfortable and kept looking to the side as if afraid that someone or something might appear.

The old man noticed his concern and tried to coax more information from him, asking what his name is, where he lived, and who his parents were. However, silence was the boy’s main response. When Russell realized he wasn’t going to speak, he prepared the guest room and showed the boy to it so he could spend the night.

After a few hours of good rest, the sun rose again, illuminating a new day and renewing a life. The little boy opened the door and sat down at the table to enjoy the breakfast the old man had prepared for him. Soon after the meal, Russell tried again to talk with him, even though he didn’t expect to hear an answer. But to his surprise, words finally came out of the boy’s mouth.

“My name is Theo, and I live a short distance away with my father. I left home for a walk, and I think I walked too far and got lost. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, but I was afraid,” he said. Russell was happy to finally hear Theo’s voice and assured him that everything was fine. He asked where his father’s house was so that he could take him back.

However, the boy was anxious, and it was only after much persistence that he gave details of where his home was. Russell put on his boots, packed a lunchbox with small snacks, and they headed off in the direction Theo had indicated. After 40 minutes of walking, they finally reached Theo’s home, where Russell expected to be greeted by a concerned father.

He knocked on the door and rang the bell, but no one came to the door. “He must be sleeping as he always does,” said Theo, who was still not communicating much. Russell then realized that the door was actually not locked, so he decided to go in. As he turned the knob, the door opened. He would normally never enter someone’s house in this way, but he considered the situation to be an exception, so he decided to step inside to look for the child’s guardian.

Soon after entering, he could see that almost everything was covered with dust and garbage. There were liquor bottles scattered all over the place, pizza boxes, and leftover canned food everywhere. Russell walked carefully in and found a man lying on the couch in the middle of all the dirt. The smell of alcohol permeated not only from the room but also from the man lying there.

“That’s him, that’s my father,” said the boy, Theo. Russell was in shock. Before he could think of what to do, the man lying on the sofa woke up. “What is this? Who are you, and what are you doing in my house? How did you get in here, you old fool?” he asked, his first words to Russell sounding angry and impatient.

Being very polite and controlled, Russell explained the situation and how he had found his son lost in the forest. He said he had only come in because no one answered the doorbell. “What? That pest ran away again? I’ll teach him!” Theo’s father exclaimed. Russell didn’t know what to think of what he had just heard because clearly Theo’s father didn’t even know that his son had been in danger the day before.

Russell’s concern when meeting the old man for the first time was completely justified. After all, how could he have any confidence in someone who treated his son like this? Together, the two of them went back to the cabin in the forest and tried to calm down after all the chaos. Theo asked if he could spend the night there one more time, begging Russell not to take him back to that place.

“Don’t worry, Theo. I will do everything in my power to make sure that you never see that monster again. Now I understand everything,” Russell said. Theo was now crying and frightened. Russell hugged him closely.

That same day, February 12, 2009, as soon as lunch was over, Russell took Theo to the police station. They told them what he had just witnessed and everything he knew. Theo gave a statement and underwent an examination to verify the injuries all over his body. He said that his father always disciplined him severely if he went near his work things, and that everything got worse when he was drunk. He claimed his father got drunk almost every night, making him an extremely unstable and dangerous man.

The father was identified as Sebastian Gibson. On the same day, an independent operation conducted by other police stations resulted in a search warrant and a raid on his house. Theo had been previously questioned about his father’s work material, and he sincerely and naively gave the police additional information. He didn’t know it, but what he said sparked a larger-than-usual investigation, as it was common for domestic abuse cases.

During the raid, officers found exactly what they had been looking for for months. In addition to all the dirt and clutter that Russell observed, he learned that one of the rooms in the house was full of cell phones, card cloning machines, and various items for forging documents and conducting scams. There were also forged lottery tickets that were used to trick elderly people into giving their bank details.

Sebastian was arrested, and when he saw Russell standing next to one of the cars, he knew exactly who was responsible. Russell just stared at him with contempt and pity. The police located Theo’s deceased mother’s sister, who was given custody of Theo. He had only seen his aunt early in life, while his mother was still alive and he was just a baby. Theo’s father had prevented him from having any contact with his mother’s family and aggressively resisted attempts to contact them to avoid arousing suspicion about his life of crime.

Theo’s new life turned out well. His aunt was happy to have him around, and Russell and Spike visited frequently. Russell became great friends with the family, who were extremely grateful for all that he had done. They started inviting him over almost every weekend and on holidays, giving Theo a foster grandfather and Russell a second chance to be happy.

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