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Nurse Places Baby on His Dying Mother’s Chest, Then a True Miracle Happens

Shelley and her husband were a regular couple leading a normal life until Shelley unexpectedly got pregnant. Although it was life-changing, they looked forward to meeting their baby together. Sadly, on the delivery day, Shelley developed some complications, and she was soon on the brink of death. It was then that a nurse suggested putting the baby on her chest, but what happened is nothing short of a true miracle.

Shelley and Jeremy were a happy couple. Shelley, 23, was a nursing student, while Jeremy, 35, was a YMCA director. Despite the age gap, they loved each other, and that was what mattered for them. Their life was moving in the right direction, but it suddenly became a roller coaster filled with ups and downs, and it all started one morning.


That morning, Shelley woke up feeling unwell. Her insides suddenly started churning, so she ran to the toilet and threw up everything left in her stomach from the previous night. A queasy feeling persisted, and everything suddenly seemed so irritating. This continued for a few days, and Shelley started to get worried, but Jeremy assured her that it was nothing—perhaps it was the flu.

By the fourth day, when Shelley was still feeling unwell, Jerry asked her to visit the hospital after her classes were over. Throughout the classes, Shelley felt dizzy and sleepy. She didn’t hesitate to go to the hospital after work to get checked. Little did she know she was about to get the biggest surprise of her life.


When Shelley got to the hospital, the tests carried out showed that she was pregnant. “What? Pregnant?” Shelley froze. She had been on the pill, so it came as a big shock. Calling her husband on the phone, Shelley broke the news to him. Like her, he was also surprised. A few hours later, the shock wore off, and they were more than happy to be expecting parents.

The couple went all in with the preparations to welcome their child. Shelley started the prenatal at the appropriate time, purchased recommended maternity books, and bought baby stuff. She also spent hours daydreaming about what her child would look like and the kind of relationship they would have.

She conjured up scenarios at every growth phase of the baby’s life and the conflicts she might encounter and how she and Jeremy would go about it to come to a peaceful resolution. She was so excited that she couldn’t wait to begin that life, but if she knew that something tragic was coming, would her reaction have been the same?


A month before Shelley’s due date, the doctors discovered that she had a blood clot in her leg. The doctors prescribed blood thinners, which she took religiously. She made sure she did everything to keep her baby healthy. If only she knew it was her own life that would be at stake.

Life progressed as usual, and every step of the way, Jeremy was very loving and present for Shelley and their unborn baby. Especially in the last month of her pregnancy, he would come home earlier, and sometimes he took the day off from work to stay home and look after Shelley.


On the 5th of September, Jeremy served Shelley her favorite breakfast in the kitchen. Her belly was already so big by this time, and they were expecting the baby to come at any moment. Jeremy began to crack a joke about Shelley’s eating habits during her pregnancy. It was so hilarious that she couldn’t stop laughing. However, the next moment, she gasped. She looked at her husband and screamed that her water had just broken.

For a few minutes, the couple panicked, but they had already practiced the scene so many times that they just needed to follow through with their plan. Breathing heavily, Jeremy gathered the bags and put them in the car. He gently guided Shelley into the passenger seat and lowered the chair so she could be comfortable. Then he drove to the hospital as fast as he could. The contractions were coming again and again, and Jeremy couldn’t bear seeing his beloved wife in pain.


Once she was in the hands of the doctors, Jeremy calmed down because he thought his wife was now safe. Sadly, he was wrong. About 40 minutes later, the doctors came out to tell Jeremy that Shelley’s labor wasn’t progressing. Worse yet, she was also diagnosed with preeclampsia, a life-threatening condition. But that wasn’t all; test results also showed that Shelley had abnormal fluctuations in her blood pressure and heartbeat, all of which meant she would have to deliver the baby via C-section.

Soon enough, Shelley was wheeled into the operating room, and at 11:44 PM on the 5th of September, Rylan Grace Cauley came into the world with a piercing cry that filled the delivery room with joy. The nurses quickly cleaned her, wrapped her in a clean blanket, and put her in her father’s arms. Tears streamed down Jeremy’s face as he held his little Sunbeam. Her weight was 7 pounds and 11 ounces, and she was so beautiful that Jeremy felt like the luckiest father in the world.


Now, all that was left was for her mother to meet her. Jeremy was informed that Shelley was in recovery and that he could see her shortly. He held Rylan and waited. He was so proud of their perfect little creation. Unfortunately, just a few minutes later, another piece of bad news was delivered. Shelley’s health had just suddenly taken a drastic turn, and she had fallen into a near-fatal coma.

The doctors found out that Rylan’s weight had held the clot in Shelley’s leg in place, but as soon as the baby was delivered, the clot traveled from Shelley’s legs to her lungs, causing a pulmonary embolism. Hearing this, Jeremy dropped to his knees and cried as he prayed. How could his wife die when they had their whole lives together ahead of them? And Rylan, how would she cope without a mother figure in her life?


One of the nurses, Ashley Manis, watched everything transpire, and she was moved with compassion. She walked over to Jeremy and suggested something very bizarre. Speaking on this, Jeremy said, the nurse instructed us to strip the baby down and put her skin to skin with Shelley. She hoped that if Shelley could smell the baby, feel the baby, or hear the baby, even in the coma, it would give her a reason to fight.

Left with no other option, Jeremy agreed to try. Baby Rylan was stripped of her clothing and placed on Shelley’s bare chest. There was silence in the room as the doctors, nurses, and Jeremy waited and hoped. Would she come back? Would the nurse’s suggestion work?


Not long after, they discovered that Rylan had fallen asleep. It would have been cute if the timing wasn’t so dire. Nearly 10 minutes were spent trying to get Rylan to wake up. “Come on, come on, Rylan, please cry, make a sound,” Ashley pleaded as she gently tapped and tickled her. But Rylan didn’t budge. And then, out of the blue, she let out a dull cry, and she just kept crying for about three minutes until she fell silent.

Regardless of Rylan’s cries, there was still no improvement in Shelley’s vital signs. So, the nurses lifted Rylan from her mother’s chest and dressed her up. The doctors shook their heads sadly


, and Ashley went to Jeremy, looking dejected. “I’m sorry. I really had a strong feeling that this would work,” she said. A tear rolled down Jeremy’s cheek. “No, no, this can’t be happening. Shelley, you’re strong, you can do this. Our baby needs you. I need you,” he said, grasping Shelley’s hand and placing kisses on her hand. Yet, nothing happened. Jeremy shut his eyes in defeat and struggled to come to terms with his loss. How would he raise Rylan alone? What about all their plans together? She hadn’t even met their daughter.

While Jeremy was deep in thought, a true miracle happened. “Sir, sir, look!” Ashley shook Jeremy, and he opened his eyes. She pointed at the monitors, and there it was, revealed that Shelley’s vital signs were picking up at an impressive rate. Jeremy rushed to Shelley’s side, and her breathing was noticeable. The appearance of her skin was no longer pale, and it started to regain color. She appeared as if she was in a deep, rejuvenating sleep.


When the doctors returned, they confirmed she was out of danger and was just sleeping. Tears of joy ran down Jeremy’s face. This truly was a miracle. A week later, Shelley fully recovered. For days, she was in intensive care and was discharged two days before Rylan turned one month old.

Looking at the little girl, Shelley knew they would have a special relationship and share a special bond. One day, when Rylan is old enough, Shelley plans to tell her how she saved her mother’s life.


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