Five-year-old girl disappears every evening. Her father followed her a house and discovered the Secret –
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Five-year-old girl disappears every evening. Her father followed her a house and discovered the Secret

It was the fourth day in a row that Tom found his daughter’s room empty, always at the same time between 7 and 8 PM. Annie had almost never been absent from home for over an hour. She would usually play in the backyard. But it’s been several days now that she’d been going somewhere else. Her father began to worry.


But when he asked his daughter about what was going on, Annie kept quiet and didn’t explain anything. She just said that she had to keep doing that. So Tom had to find out what was going on and where his little daughter was going every night.

Tom realized that he wasn’t going to get an answer out of her. So he decided to find out the truth on his own. On the fifth day, Annie slipped out of the house again just after dinner. So Tom quickly went into a room, determined to find out the truth.


The father rushed upstairs but found no sign of his daughter. He started checking her room, closet after closet. Clothes and toys were scattered all over the floor. He searched and searched, but to no avail, until he saw a piece of paper. What could that strange note mean?

Tom picked up the paper, took the note, and began to read it. “Come to the house behind your yard at exactly 7:30 PM. Make sure no one’s following you.” The man got very worried. Before seeing the note, he thought that his daughter was slipping out to play in a garden somewhere. But now he got chills. What was going on? Had his daughter been going to this house all these days? And who wrote this note?


When the man went down to the living room, Annie was already back home. He realized that it was useless to try and get the truth out of her. So he had no other choice but to follow her. The next day, on the sixth day, Tom was ready and waiting impatiently in his room with the door ajar so he could watch little Annie.

The clock had struck 7 PM, pulling Tom out of his thoughts. His daughter was nowhere to be seen. Tom ran to the back door. He got there just in time to see the girl disappearing among the trees of his backyard garden. When Tom reached the end of the backyard, he had lost sight of Annie. But he still knew which house he needed, thanks to the note. So finding his daughter wasn’t that hard.


The six-hectare plot of land on which Tom and his family lived had been in the family for almost 100 years, and a mysterious house used to be his grandparents’ home. No one had lived there for over 40 years, but Tom felt a strange sense of fear as he approached it. There was someone standing on the balcony.

So Tom hid behind a tree and decided to wait for his daughter. What could Annie be doing there? The worried father asked himself. He didn’t have to wait long because a few minutes later, Annie came out of the other part of the yard. She knocked hard on the door with her little fist, and a mysterious person instantly disappeared from the balcony.


The door opened, and Annie walked in. Tom was quick. He had the keys. So he rushed to the house and opened the back door. He entered slowly and headed to the room from which his daughter’s voice was coming. He also heard a woman’s voice. Tom stopped outside the door and tried to catch a glimpse of what was going on. They seemed to be busy.

Suddenly, Annie opened the door and left the house without even noticing her father in his hiding spot. She headed home. When she got far enough from the house, Tom walked out towards the stranger. Seeing him, the woman got frightened and tried to run away, but Tom stopped her.


“Tell me what you’re doing here and why are you secretly meeting my daughter every day?” The woman was confused and began to cry. She sat on her chair, sighed deeply, and told Annie’s father her sad story. “If we had known about it earlier, we would have intervened much sooner,” said the man.

Later, all of the woman’s friends and relatives had already died. She was left all alone and lived in a nursing home near Annie’s school. “I was feeling very lonely,” the woman told Tom. “When I turned 80 years old, I couldn’t take it anymore. I decided to run away from the nursing home. I couldn’t tell anyone where I was, or they would have taken me back there.”


The woman lived on the street with her dogs. She ate very poorly, and until she met Annie, those dogs were her only family. But soon, they had puppies, and since the woman could barely take care of herself, let alone the dogs, she knew that her life was coming to an end.

She lived like that until one day, she met Annie during her school break. And Annie told her all about the house on the family land and said that she could live there safely and secretly. “I’ve been living here for about a month, but I ran out of food because I had to share with my animals. So your lovely Annie decided to help me.”


For the past week, Annie had been visiting the woman and her animals every day. She played with them and asked about their well-being. When the woman ran out of food, the little girl brought whatever she could from her home and fed the woman and her animals. It wasn’t much, but it was enough for us to survive, the old woman told Tom.

He couldn’t stop himself from crying when he heard her sad story. He quickly returned home to talk to his daughter. When he got back, Annie was sitting on a chair in the yard. Tom ran up to her and held her tight. He told his daughter that he followed her and found out about the old woman and her dogs.


“I’m not mad at you, honey, but please don’t hide anything from me again, okay?” The man’s anxiety was replaced by relief and pride for his daughter. He told this story to his wife, and Annie’s parents did something incredible. They decided to help Linda, that was the woman’s name, and her dogs.

Now Linda could live in the house for free, and they gave her enough food for both her and her dogs. But that wasn’t all. Thanks to the donations of kind people, they managed to make this house into a shelter for homeless dogs. And now Linda and Annie’s family can help many homeless animals, all thanks to the courage and compassion of a little five-year-old girl.


The kindness of children is selfless and sincere. It’s very important to help kids keep these qualities when they grow up.

To do so, we must set an example and support them in their endeavors. So that’s all, friends. Share this video with your friends and family. Write your opinion in the comments section, and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already done so. See you later.

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