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He Treated His Nanny Badly. But When His Parents Told Him Who She Really Was, He Fainted

The young boy Robert was the only child of his parents Benjamin and Stephanie Hill. Since he was their only child, they made sure he lacked nothing. When the boy was over a year old, his parents hired a nanny to take care of him. The woman, Marie, looked after him because his parents usually came home late at night.

A few years went by, and the boy reached five years of age. He never considered it strange that Marie stayed in his parents’ house. She always cared for him and kept him company whenever they went out together. People told them they looked so much alike. Surprisingly, they both had blonde hair and the black spot on their forehead.


Robert grew up spending most of his time with his nanny. She would help him with his school assignments and cook for him. When he was 15, he wondered why the woman was still taking care of him. He was no longer a kid, and the last thing he needed was a babysitter.

One evening, he told his parents he was going to see a movie with his friend Henry. His mom told him Marie would have to go along with them. This got him angry, and he voiced his frustration, “Mom, why are you and Dad treating me this way? I’m not a baby anymore. I’m already 15, and I can take care of myself. I don’t need anyone to babysit me.”

Around the boy was so ashamed of being seen around with a nanny at this age. However, nothing he said changed his mother’s mind. As a result, he told his friend he wouldn’t be going to the event.


In the end, months passed, and Robert could no longer bear having Marie look after him. So one day, he decided to talk to one of his friends at school. This friend called Henry advised him to get rid of his caretaker. Shocked, the teenager asked his buddy what he meant by that. Although he wanted her out of his life, he’d do nothing to harm her. Henry explained all he had to do was to make life unbearable for her; that way, she would get fed up and resign on her own.

“That isn’t a bad idea. I’ll start working on it right away. Thanks, mate,” Robert said.


As soon as he got home that day, he started working on a plan. When no one was watching, he went to the kitchen and messed up the place. When he went into Marie’s room, he grabbed some of her favorite dresses and sprayed them all over the laundry room. Then he poured a bottle of bleach on them. When the woman got into the room, she couldn’t believe her eyes and yelled at him in a sarcastic tone. He told her that the rain accidentally fell on her clothes, then he gave her a mischievous wink and left the room.

Robert did his best to provoke his nanny, but his actions only got him punished. His parents couldn’t believe he could do such wicked things. Marie wasn’t kicked out of the house, and neither did she resign.


Days went by, and the young teen came up with another idea. This time, he looked for something he could use against her. When the woman went to the grocery store one afternoon, he went to her room. After some minutes, he found a small brown envelope. He was surprised to see the words “Robert’s first tooth” written on it. Out of curiosity, he opened the envelope and found the tooth and baby pictures of himself inside. He was completely shocked.

“What is she doing with my tooth and pictures? Could she be a witch?” the boy whispered in surprise.

Robert kept the envelope in his pocket and waited until his parents returned. When they were home, he told them what he found in his nanny’s room. Then he accused her of being a witch. To his surprise, his actions further angered his parents. They criticized him for checking Marie’s room without her permission. In anger, his dad lashed out at him.


“Son, lately you have been playing horrible pranks on your nursemaid. Now you go into her room without her permission. This is not acceptable. You’ll be punished for a month. You won’t be able to use the internet and go out with friends during that period,” the man said.

The young chap couldn’t believe his father’s verdict and stormed out of the living room in anger. That same evening, he began to think about how nice Marie had been to him. She made sure he was always happy and comfortable. He knew she didn’t deserve the way he mistreated her. He was very disappointed in himself and decided to apologize to her.


Robert got up from his bed and walked down to her room. As soon as he got in front of her door, he noticed she was crying so hard and talking to someone on the phone. “I think my son hates me, and I don’t know what to do about it. All his life, I have supported them and loved them, but now he doesn’t even want to see me again and wants me out of the house. He did those terrible things to me. I’m sad because he’s my son, and I love him.”

Robert was confused after hearing all the woman said. However, some things started to make sense to him. Now he understood why they looked alike. The boy decided not to talk to her that night.

Again, the next morning, his parents went to work early, so he approached her while she was making breakfast for him. “Hi, Marie, I just wanted to say I’m sorry for how wrong I have treated you. Please forgive me,” the lad said.


Marie couldn’t believe it. She embraced him with a smile and told him everything was fine. Just then, Robert dropped the bombshell. “I overheard you talking on the phone last night, so I wanted to ask you something. Are you my real mom?” the boy asked.

Marie was completely stunned. To conceal the truth, she told him she wasn’t on a call the previous night, so she had no idea what he was talking about. Robert begged her to tell him the truth; however, she refused to say a word.


So Robert thought of a plan. He packed some clothes and wrote a brief note, which he left on the dining table. The short note said, “I now know the truth, but I want you all to come clean with me. I won’t be coming back until then.”

The frustrated boy left his home and went straight to his friend’s house. After explaining everything to his friend, he told him he wanted his parents to think he had disappeared. He believed that it would make them reveal the truth.

It was evening, and Robert wasn’t home. His parents were worried since his phone was on airplane mode, they couldn’t reach him. So they contacted Henry to know if he had seen their son. However, the boy lied and said he had no clue where he was. Robert’s dad told Henry they had gone to the police, who were already looking for him.


The next day, Robert stayed quiet in his friend’s room. When it was noon, his friend returned from school and turned on the TV. All of a sudden, he shouted, “Hey, come out, your parents and Nanny are on the news.”

The boy came out of the closet and listened as his father spoke. “Son, we’re sorry we haven’t been honest with you all these years. Many years ago, we discovered your mom couldn’t have a baby. However, Marie agreed to act as a surrogate mother when you were born. We realize you shared a special bond with her, and we didn’t want to destroy it, so we employed her as your babysitter. She is your biological mother. Please come back home; we all love and miss you.”


After his parents told him who Marie really was, he fainted. When he regained consciousness, he called his parents to come pick him up at his friend’s house. In the evening, when his parents got there, they were surprised to know that their son had been living in his friend’s room. Henry’s parents were also quite surprised.

Robert came home with his parents, and he was happy that they told him the truth at last. When he saw Marie, he couldn’t hold back his tears as he embraced her. Although his new reality was a bit strange to him, after some time, he got used to having two mothers in his life who loved him dearly.

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