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Man Cuts Wife off from Having Access to His Assets Because Of What She Did

Meg left her husband Freddy and refused to speak to him for a year, but when he finally filed for divorce and financially cut her off, she got mad.

Freddy is a hard-working man and was an essential worker when the COVID-19 pandemic happened. Meanwhile, his wife, Meg, is a housewife who wanted to pursue an online business because she did not want anyone to be her boss.

When the pandemic was reaching its worst, Fred’s children, 24 and 26-years- old, lost their jobs and had been struggling to make ends meet. Because of their unemployment, they could not afford rent as well

As such, the father-of-two offered his kids to stay with him until times were better. The situation was not usual and his children promised that they would leave as soon as the opportunity to work came.

However, things did not sit well with Meg, who felt like her space was invaded by the siblings, despite being quiet in the house. Meg told her husband that he should let his kids learn how to survive independently and kick them out immediately.

However, Freddy could not let his children be homeless during a world crisis when he had the means to help them, even if it only meant providing shelter. After two weeks, Meg reached her breaking point and scolded the kids for being bums.

Meg burst into anger after seeing that divorce meant cutting her off from Freddy’s assets.


She gave them a list of housework and expected them to finish by the end of the day. Because they were trying to find a job while mentally dealing with their situation, there were times when the siblings did not finish the chores.

One evening, Freddy caught Meg yelling at his daughter and calling her hurtful words, which he did not tolerate. After stopping the argument, his wife gave an ultimatum — either they leave, or she does.

Meg immediately packed her bags, called a cab, and moved to her brother’s house after Freddy refused to forsake his children. It has been nearly a year since Meg responded to Freddy’s messages, other than telling him to leave his kids.

She did not even let her husband know that she contracted the virus, although asymptomatic, and he had to find out from a family friend. Since it became clear that Meg was no longer interested in reconciling, Freddy decided to file for divorce.

However, Meg burst into anger after seeing that divorce meant cutting her off from Freddy’s assets and no longer having health insurance from her husband’s employer. She has since been sending harsh messages to her estranged husband.

Meg’s family also began messaging Freddy for cutting her off, but for the man, he should no longer pay for someone who has no interest in fixing the marriage. Do you think Freddy is right for cutting Meg off? For a similar family dilemma, find out why a dad refused to side with his wife.

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