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Police Discovered A Secret Room In This Guy’s Attic, And What They Found Inside Is Insane

As the police break the plaster again to enter the secret attic room of a house in Miami Lake. They have little idea of what they will find inside. Possibly, they couldn’t imagine that they were about to make the discovery of their lives. Then they stepped over the threshold. But let’s remember a bit, it all began in 2010 when the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) initiated an investigation into North Miami businessman Luis Hernandez Gonzalez.

His experience in the flower shop seemed quite innocent. What would this regular action of indoor gardening equipment be? But as a result of a DEA investigation, along with specialist detectives, they eventually secured a search warrant for Blossom Experience. The investigators had a hunch about what they would find inside.

But they weren’t exactly sure how far Hernandez Gonzalez’s reach had extended. When the DEA arrived at the premises in June 2016, the officers discovered $180,000 in cash and two strains of marijuana, named Chernobyl and Super Skunk, hidden in a safe. Surely, it’s a considerable amount, but this was just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, after the arrest of Hernandez Gonzalez, who admitted to teaching his customers how to grow the drug, the investigators went to his home in Miami Lakes. This five-bedroom house located in a gated complex was luxurious, to say the least. Hernandez Gonzalez had lived there for the past ten years or so, having originally bought only the land. He had built the two-story property from scratch, which allowed him to make some of his own additions.

So when the DEA arrived at the house, they discovered a secret room accessed through the attic. This hidden space was likely incorporated during the initial construction of the property, but whatever its origin, it was behind a trapdoor and concealed by a fiberglass insulation sheet.

Once the investigators successfully gained access to the small room, everything was revealed, and what they found was beyond anything they could have imagined. They discovered bottles of steroids, a loaded weapon, and most significantly, 24 heat-sealed containers, each containing hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash. The narcotics agents had stumbled upon $24 million in cash, an amount that astonished officers accustomed to discovering large stashes of bills.

The money, mostly in $100 bills, was transported to the Miami-Dade Police Department for counting. Meanwhile, Hernandez Gonzalez was detained. It was his sister, Salma Hernandez, who also worked at Blossom Experience. Between them, the pair faced charges of money laundering, drug trafficking, and possession of cannabis. It’s interesting how the DEA had a file on Hernandez Gonzalez. A second case opened in Tennessee, where a group of people was allegedly trafficking marijuana. And while the two events initially seemed unrelated, police would later discover that they were indeed connected.

The first tip that Hernandez Gonzalez was worth watching came from a DEA informant. The informant managed to get the suspect to talk about the intricacies of the marijuana industry. Meanwhile, another informant sold marijuana to Hernandez Gonzalez on two occasions, suggesting that there was more to the story. Apparently, the store owner sold gardening equipment to certain customers at low prices, and then he would buy large amounts of marijuana from those customers to resell it in smaller quantities and make substantial profits.

However, despite what the informants had said, the DEA couldn’t build a solid case with enough evidence to arrest Hernandez Gonzalez. The investigation continued for years with no further breakthroughs in information about Hernandez Gonzalez or Blossom Experience. But then, before 2016, his name suddenly appeared again, all due to a case in Tennessee. The subsequent investigation into that case led to several arrests in June 2016, and officers also seized at least $140,000 in cash, various firearms, and 30 marijuana plants. Interestingly, the convicts all had one thing in common: their connection to Hernandez Gonzalez and Blossom Experience.

The investigation included wiretapping the Tennessee group’s phone. One of the recorded calls was between the local ringleader, Luis Rago, and Hernandez Gonzalez, with the latter advising the former on marijuana plant care. Suddenly, Hernandez Gonzalez’s case was blown wide open, and the DEA had all the necessary evidence to obtain a search warrant for his business and home. The main suspect and his sister are currently being held on bail. The case, possibly the largest of its kind in American history, is still ongoing.

Hernandez Gonzalez pleaded not guilty to the charges in July 2016. However, the case continues, and his bond was set at four million dollars. Whatever the outcome, the staggering amount of money ensures that this incident won’t be forgotten soon.

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