Mom Is Sure She Buried Son a Year Ago, Finds Him Living at Deserted Gas Station And Was Left In Shock –
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Mom Is Sure She Buried Son a Year Ago, Finds Him Living at Deserted Gas Station And Was Left In Shock

“The distressed mother sobbed whenever she entered her son’s bedroom. Her next-door neighbor claimed to have seen the youngster one day. ‘It’s not conceivable,’ the mother said, but later she changed her mind once the neighbors showed her evidence. Melissa worked as a weaver in a nearby shop. Once her husband died, she became a single mother, and she had to work hard to make ends meet and care for her only son, David. She only wanted the best for him. She worked all hours of the day and night, and David’s desire to be a pilot motivated her to work even harder.

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When David was three years old, his father gave him a model airplane which quickly became his favorite toy. He took it everywhere he went and was obsessed with it. Even after he turned 18, David’s passion for flying planes intensified as he grew older. He worked hard to gain admission to the country’s top flying school. He studied for the entrance exam at night and received the letter a few weeks later.

“Mom, Mom!” he shouted excitedly. “I’m finally going to be a pilot!” Melissa was pleased to learn that David had been offered a scholarship by the flying school based on his academic performance. She was pleased when her son’s wishes were granted. Melissa struggled with sending her 19-year-old son to another state for his schooling, but she did it for David’s sake. She kissed him farewell as he got into his car and drove all the way to the air base. “I’ll miss you, Mom,” David whispered as he wrapped his arms around his mother. They promised to keep in touch through texts and video calls.

David chose his model airplane since gazing at it motivated him. After saying farewell to Melissa, David pressed a gas pedal and drove away. He was excited about his first training flight. Six hours later, Melissa’s phone rang. She was sitting on the couch in her living room when she leaped to her feet, expecting a phone call from David.

“Yeah?” she answered when she looked at the screen of her phone. She gasped since it wasn’t David. “Hello, is this David’s mother?” an anonymous woman inquired.

“Yes, this is David’s mother,” Melissa said.

“I’m speaking on behalf of your son’s flying school, Mrs. Melissa. We learned of a terrible occurrence earlier this evening.”

“I’m sorry,” the woman apologized. “What happened?” Melissa asked, her heart skipping a beat.

“David, your son, is no longer alive. He was killed in a car accident on his way to the air base. Ma’am, I’m sorry for your loss,” said the lady.

Melissa felt her heart racing in her chest. She was unable to believe that something that bad had happened to her son. “I’m very sorry, ma’am,” the woman said once more. “We’ll send you a car tonight while we make funeral arrangements.”

“But I just told him goodbye this morning. I’m gonna call him right now.” Melissa shook her head and hung up the phone. She didn’t dial David’s number, but it went unanswered. “Pick up the phone, pick up the phone, David,” Melissa said frantically, hoping in vain to hear his voice and confirm that it wasn’t true.

The bereaved mother quickly recognized the woman who had phoned her was not lying. She found it difficult to accept David’s death. Melissa sat in the vehicle provided by the flying school later that day. She sobbed for hours as she placed her head in her son’s coffin. “Why did you abandon me so quickly? What will I do if I don’t have you?” she sobbed.

Melissa was comforted by David’s teacher, who told her how he learned about the accident. After that, the man took David’s model airplane from a bag and handed it to Melissa. “We found this trapped beneath David’s damaged automobile,” the man explained. Melissa kissed the plane after taking it from David’s teacher, as visions of her little child resting on an aircraft flashed before her eyes. She laid it on her chest and closed her eyes, unaware of how this tiny plane would impact her life.

David’s tragic death had turned Melissa’s life upside down. She couldn’t comprehend the fact that he was no longer living. She lived alone in her modest house. A year after his death, Melissa was sitting on the couch in her living room, looking at a photo of her son on her phone when the doorbell rang. As Mrs. Frank opened the door, she was standing on the doorstep.

“You won’t believe this, Melissa,” she took her phone from her pocket and quickly tapped her finger on it.

“What is it? Is everything all right?” Melissa inquired, concerned.

“Look at this,” Mrs. Frank said, turning her phone screen to Melissa. The bereaved mother blinked and then took the phone in her hands to examine the snapshot closely. Her eyes widened a few moments later when she realized why the boy in the photograph looked so familiar.

“Melissa, I saw this boy today at the petrol station. He looks so much like David that I almost thought it was him,” Mrs. Frank explained.

“It’s David,” Melissa said, covering her lips with one palm. She felt her body quiver as tears streamed down her cheek.

Mrs. Frank offered her a drink of water, but Melissa shook her head and climbed to her feet. “I need to see him right now,” she remarked. She grabbed her car keys and drove out of her house. As she drove to the petrol station, Melissa’s mind was racing with questions. What if I don’t happen to run into him? What if he fails to appear? What if the young man in question isn’t my son? As she fought not to crash her car, she wondered. She was driving fast, hoping this child wouldn’t depart before she got there.

She parked her car and got out after arriving at the petrol station. She looked everywhere for her son. Melissa noticed a boy sitting in the corner of the petrol station, his face turned away from her. “It’s David,” she realized as she hurried towards him. When Melissa placed her hand on his shoulder, the perplexed boy shook it off. “Who are you? Why are you touching me?” he shouted, turning to face her.

“I can’t believe you’re here, sweetheart,” Melissa wept.

“Pardon me, do I know you?” the confused boy asked.

“It’s me, David. I’m your mother. Don’t you remember how much you liked airplanes? You always wanted to be a pilot, and I worked so hard to make your dreams come true,” Melissa said, trying her hardest to remind David of his previous life.

“I’m sorry, but I believe you’ve made a mistake,” the boy said. “My parents are still alive, and I’ve lived with them since birth. I’m not sure what you’re talking about.” He stood up and walked out of the gas station before Melissa could ask him another question.

Melissa was surprised, and she couldn’t understand why he hadn’t recognized her. He walked down the block and knocked on a door.

The door was opened by a tall, bald man who beckoned him inside. Melissa got out of her car and glanced inside after he walked in. What she found even more astonishing.

They took out a stack of money and handed it to the unnamed man. Meanwhile, the man, grinning, rubbed the back of his head. “I know my son will never let me down. I appreciate you working at the petrol station and repairing it for me,” remarked the man.

“I’ll do anything for you, Dad,” the boy said.

Melissa dashed back to her car and drove away in confusion. Melissa decided to question a friend who worked in the criminal investigation department about the man. Melissa learned from her friend that the guy the youngster addressed as his father was a cult leader. He forced him to work for him, stole their money, and forced him to live on the street. Melissa was positive that the man had tricked her son into thinking he was his father. “I need to call the cops on this guy,” Melissa told her friend.

“I’m not sure that would work, Melissa. This guy’s registered as a company, and the police can’t help you find your son,” her companion explained.

Instead of reminding David of his past, Melissa decided to become his friend first. She indicated a desire to convert to his religion and spend time with him at the petrol station. Melissa gradually provided him with food, clothing, pillows, and a comfy mattress. Melissa realized that the cult leader had brainwashed her son into believing he was a poor child who had to work hard to survive. He was staying at the petrol station to learn how to deal with adversity.

David fell ill after working all hours of the day and night to please the cult leader. David’s cult leader refused to administer medicine to him because chemicals were utilized. The unhappy child had no choice but to trust what the cult leader said about not needing medicine. He wrapped his blanket around himself and laid down on his mattress at the petrol station, intending to return to work the next day.

Before he could fall asleep, however, the cult leader approached him and requested him to leave. “You’re no longer a member of my team. I want you to leave,” said the man. David was taken aback, but he had no understanding of why the cult leader had thrown him out of the gas station. Because David had become ill, the nasty man saw him as useless and decided to employ someone else to work for him.

“But I’m ill. I can hardly move. Please allow me to stay another day,” David begged.

David was forced out of the gas station by the cult leader, who urged him to leave. “I don’t want to see you around anymore,” he screamed. He sat on the side of the road, powerless and trembling, because his body temperature had suddenly risen too high. His head was spinning, and his skin was heated to the touch.

A car stopped in front of him a few minutes later, and Melissa got out of the driver’s seat. “David, what happened to you?” she asked, and she took his hand in hers.

She noticed he had a high fever and needed medical assistance right away. “Get in the car. I’m going to take you to the hospital,” the concerned mother said. She assisted her son in climbing into the passenger seat and drove him to the nearest hospital. Melissa asked him what had happened on the way, but he didn’t tell her anything. Instead, he fixed his gaze on the model airplane on the dashboard. Something clicked in his head as he stared at it, and a few flashbacks from his history flashed before his eyes, and he fell unconscious.

Melissa was singing a lullaby by David’s bed an hour later when he opened his eyes in the hospital room. “Mom,” he murmured quietly. Melissa burst into tears after hearing her son pronounce that one word. She didn’t inquire as to what had happened when he left home a year earlier to attend the air base. David stated that he met a homeless man on his way who, like him, intended to see family in the same state. David promised to meet him there, but they never showed up. On the way, David’s automobile slipped and crashed into a truck. Thankfully, David jumped out of the way just in time, but the homeless man was killed.

When first responders arrived at the accident scene, they mistook David’s documents for his body. While emergency personnel were transporting the homeless man, David was in the nearby bushes. When he awoke, he had no recollection of anything. He appeared to have lost his memory after hitting his head on the ground while escaping. David found the will to get up and seek help.

David arrived at the cult leader’s region after a few kilometers of travel and knocked on his door, unaware that the man would shortly brainwash him. When David’s memory loss was uncovered, the cult leader pretended to be his father. David quickly came to believe that the cult leader was his father and did whatever he said.

“I’m so sorry you had to go through this,” Melissa said as she hugged David.

“But I can’t remember anything, Mom. I remember that airplane from your lullaby,” David responded.

Once doctors examined David’s health, Melissa was told that her son would eventually regain his memory. They asked that she take him home and show him his own belongings. David regained his memory and rekindled his long-dormant passion to become a pilot. Weeks later, he pursued his interests in planes and finally became a professional pilot.

Melissa, on the other hand, went to church on a daily basis because she was thankful to God for her son’s miraculous return.

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