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I Will Never Forgive My Father: My father Tried to kill Me, He Used a Rope to strangle Me, Leaving Me Unconscious

I Will Never Forgive My Father: My father Tried to kill Me, He Used a Rope to strangle Me, Leaving Me Unconscious

A young boy in Kyotere, Uganda, miraculously survived after his father tried to kill him. The boy’s father used a rope to strangle him, leaving him unconscious. However, the boy regained consciousness and vowed never to forgive his father.

The boy’s mother, Jane, had sought refuge in Kyotere after her husband died in a truck accident while she was pregnant. Jane started a new life with another man, unaware of the darkness that awaited her and her child.


As time passed, the boy’s father became increasingly cruel towards him, but Jane did not realize the extent of his cruelty until it was almost too late. After facing difficulties in their relationship, Jane and her husband separated, with the husband taking their two children while Jane remained with their eldest son.

Driven by desperation and a twisted motive, the estranged husband lured the boy into a forest and strangled him with a rope, saying hurtful words that shattered the boy’s trust. Believing his deed was done, the father left the boy alone in the forest.

Against all odds, the resilient boy survived the night in the forest and managed to crawl to the roadside the next morning. A compassionate passerby found him and rushed him to a nearby hospital.


Filled with despair, Jane tirelessly searched for her missing son. Finally, she found him in Mineral Forest, tied up with ropes and close to death. With the help of locals, she quickly took him to a better-equipped hospital for treatment.

Despite the severe ordeal, the boy showed incredible strength and survived several days in the hospital. Meanwhile, the father was arrested and awaits trial for his heinous actions.

Jane seeks justice for her son and wants her ex-husband to face a 30-year prison sentence as punishment. She hopes this will teach him a lesson and prevent any chance of reconciliation.


The community stands firmly behind Jane and her son, condemning the father’s monstrous behavior. They believe that such acts should not be tolerated and that justice must be served.

This tragic incident serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of protecting the bond between parents and children. The boy’s survival against all odds is a testament to his bravery and resilience.

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