I was Obsessed about Marrying a Pastor but Ended up Marrying a Womanizer who Pretended to be a Pastor – Depressed woman shares – Legitpost.com.ng
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I was Obsessed about Marrying a Pastor but Ended up Marrying a Womanizer who Pretended to be a Pastor – Depressed woman shares

I was obsessed about Marrying a Pastor but ended up marrying a Womanizer who pretended to be a Pastor – Depressed woman shares
Depressed woman shares story of how a womanizer pretended to be a pastor just to get married to her.

Lady who intentionally refused to marry a pastor but ended up marrying a Womanizer narrates her experience.

See her story:

I won’t like to disclose my identity but I think many women will learn from my mistake.

I grew up in a very strong Christian family with morals and good standard of living. My dad was a pastor and I realized that he was a nice man and God-fearing, he won’t harm or beat my mum or raise his voice at her and so I decided I was going to marry a pastor no matter what it takes.

I grew old enough to get married and turned down so many guys who came for marriage because they were mere members and not pastors but there was this guy who I loved so much back then and he was a good Christian just that there was no hope of him becoming a pastor anytime soon so I had to end that relationship.

Then came the mistake of my life. Met this young man in a conference in Lagos I went for and he approached me and said he likes me. I looked at him and asked if he was a pastor because he dressed on suit like one sha…. He stammered for a bit and said ‘oh that, yes yes I am a pastor’. I didn’t believe him so he showed me pictures of him holding microphone and talking (I would have asked for a video not just picture). He was based outside Lagos so there was no way I could confirm is claims.

I jumped at him and gave him my whole heart. He used to send me inspirational quotes and bible verses to read each day so I just concluded within me that I have found my gold.

We dated for some months and then he would come to Lagos sometimes to see me and then we go to a eatery. He proposed and then I quickly said yes because he was a pastor and a man of God. We got married and then I moved to Asaba with him…. it was the first Sunday in church I realized he didn’t go to the altar, we sat in the congregation and then I began to suspect. He told me he will explain after the service.

After service that day he told me he was put on 3 month break because he was getting married. I was still new in that church so there was no way I could detect or ask anyone.

6 months went and my husband was still not going to the altar nor preaching rather I started seeing chats from ladies which he will delete on WhatsApp (I will see ‘deleted’), some times it will be Images that would be deleted too (maybe they sent him nudes). I was uncomfortable so I begged him to please tell me the truth… It was one mid-night when I was troubled. That night he then smiled and said he has been looking for how to tell me that he is not a pastor but a good Christian and that he was hoping one day he will be a pastor.

I grabbed his shirt that night and cried like a baby. I then asked about the chats he do delete and all the Images that won’t show again. He wasn’t talking so I begged and knelt down and promised I wont make any trouble then he opened up to me that he has a weakness towards girls and can’t control himself when he is with ladies. It was then I knew that my life was finished.

I wanted taking my life the next morning but my mum had a revelation and started calling me and admonishing me and telling me I should let go and let God have his way.

This is a caution to everyone to dig deep into a man before you jump into his harms. Look at me that would have even accepted the offer from my choir leader but felt he wasn’t a pastor. I am now doing fasting and prayer that the spirit of womanizing will leave my husband alone.

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