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I Sent ‘Crazy Photos’ To My Best Friend’s Husband And She Found Out

“I don’t want to do this. She’s my best friend and will be hurt if she finds out.” I texted him. It was only a month ago when they got married but he was in my inbox asking me to send him nudes. We didn’t wake up one day to get here. It started from a place of innocence and I’m ready to tell you everything.

The night when Kuukua and Ebo met, I was there. That wasn’t the first time they were meeting each other. They were schoolmates who hadn’t met again after school. I was out with Kuukua when Ebo came to sit next to us. He smiled and asked her, “Do you remember me?” Kuukua didn’t. It had been many years so she told him to help her recall. They spent the whole night talking while they sidelined me.

Along the line, Kuukua introduced me to him but I was still not invited to the conversation since everything they were saying didn’t concern me. A few weeks later, they were dating. Kuukua told me about it and even invited me to one of their dates. That was when I talked to Ebo and became a friend later. Their love story didn’t have any troubles. If they did, they didn’t tell me about it. They were…..Read Full Story Here…………………..

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