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I Sent ‘Crazy Photos’ To My Best Friend’s Husband And She Found Out

“I don’t want to do this. She’s my best friend and will be hurt if she finds out.” I texted him. It was only a month ago when they got married but he was in my inbox asking me to send him nudes. We didn’t wake up one day to get here. It started from a place of innocence and I’m ready to tell you everything.

The night when Kuukua and Ebo met, I was there. That wasn’t the first time they were meeting each other. They were schoolmates who hadn’t met again after school. I was out with Kuukua when Ebo came to sit next to us. He smiled and asked her, “Do you remember me?” Kuukua didn’t. It had been many years so she told him to help her recall. They spent the whole night talking while they sidelined me.

Along the line, Kuukua introduced me to him but I was still not invited to the conversation since everything they were saying didn’t concern me. A few weeks later, they were dating. Kuukua told me about it and even invited me to one of their dates. That was when I talked to Ebo and became a friend later. Their love story didn’t have any troubles. If they did, they didn’t tell me about it. They were both mature and knew how to go about loving each other.

I remember telling Kuukua how I was happy for her and how I wanted my love story to be like theirs. She prayed for me and said, “Yours would be better and I will be there to cheer you on.” All that while, Ebo didn’t have my number until one day I had a call from Kuukua from another line. She told me, she didn’t have credit so she had to use Ebo’s number. Days later, Ebo texted me, “It’s amazing how we’ve known each other for this long but haven’t texted each other all this while.” I was nice to him.

The conversation itself was very short until he told me not to tell Kuukua that he texted. “She might take it the wrong way so please don’t bring her into this,” he texted. I understood the point and decided never to bring Kuukua into our little secret. On my birthday, Ebo got me a gift. And later sent me money.

He told me, “You can go anywhere with your boyfriend and I will pay for it.” I didn’t have a boyfriend. He laughed at me. “How can a fine girl like you not have a boyfriend? If you don’t get one by next week, I will get you one myself,” he told me. I innocently responded, “Please do. I want a better man.” A week later, everything got twisted. Ebo offered to be my boyfriend. I laughed at him and asked how that could be possible. He went on and on telling me how he liked me from afar and how he had always wanted his feelings known to me. He concluded, “I don’t expect you to say yes but I’m happy that I’ve told you.

I was thankfully embarrassed that a little friendship I wanted to keep on the side with him would get to that. I told him he had a better woman in Kuukua and she would be the best woman he would ever meet on earth here. I hoped it would end there but it didn’t. He kept asking me to meet him on a date, which I declined. He would send me money and say, “Since you don’t want to go on a date with me, take this money and go on a date with yourself.

When Kuukua selected me to be her bridesmaid, Ebo called me to beg me to decline. His reason was that he wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off me while the wedding was going on. “Your presence will mess me up emotionally. Even the photos might tell the story of how my eyes weren’t on my bride.

Please say no.” He offered to pay me to say no but I stood my ground. I was there as their bridesmaid and the wedding was beautifully successful. Right after their honeymoon, he texted to ask for my nudes; “I promise you, if you send it to me, I will never bother you again. I cross my heart and hope to die.” The request never stopped coming. I felt like I owed him a favour for all the good things he had done for me. Apart from sending me money when I haven’t asked for it, he came to my rescue on several occasions.

It wasn’t always about money but specific things that took me out of trouble or helped me get a favour from a situation I was in. I asked him, “Are you sure this would be the last thing you would ask of me?” “That would be the last thing. Try me,” he responded. So I sent him a photo. He needed another one in a different style so I sent that one too. He wanted more but I didn’t. “This settles it, right?” I asked him. He answered, “Hmm, now I can’t stop thinking about your body. I envy the man you’ll end up with. Wow.

I didn’t continue with the conversation again. I thought I’d delivered. I’d done my part of the bargain so I owed him nothing. He wanted to see me. He sent photos of nice locations in Ghana and asked me to travel there with him. Again, he swore it would be the last thing that would happen between us. When I didn’t answer him for several days, I thought he would stop but he didn’t.

So I tested back, in a last attempt to make him know that nothing would come from me again, “You have a new wife. A beautiful one like that. Take her there. It will help your marriage.” He stopped texting me for days. I knew I had succeeded. I’d kept his mouth shut for good and was free from him for good. I was wrong. When he stopped talking to me, Kuukua also stopped talking to me.

She cancelled an outing we were supposed to have and didn’t give any explanation. I texted and called. She didn’t answer any of them. I was forced to text Ebo to ask what was happening. He answered, “A lot has happened. It’s better we don’t talk again.” I expected the worst yet hopeful it wasn’t what I was thinking of. I found out the answers on her status. When she realized I was viewing her status, she blocked me but a friend screenshotted the rants and sent them to me.

Be careful of those you call friends. They are the snakes that bite you in the night when you’re sleeping.” I took another phone and called her. When she heard my voice, she cut the call. I called Ebo and begged him to tell me what was going on. “Did you tell her anything? Did she find out?” I asked him. He answered, “She did but I’m handling it. It’s better you don’t show up to mess things up.

I didn’t know how much she knew and how much she blamed me. I was ready to go all out and tell my side of the story but then I calmed down and asked myself, “What if she doesn’t know all the story and I end up telling her more than she knows?” One day a mutual friend called. She was angry with me and was talking on top of her voice on the phone; “How could you do that to your sister? It’s her husband for Christ’s sake.

Do you want to collapse her marriage?” I asked for the details and she told me everything Kuukua had told her. So Kuukua saw only the photos and not the messages. She drew the conclusion that I was the one who wanted to sleep with her husband. I’ve made a lot of attempts to correct that impression.

I want to get the opportunity to tell her the whole story since everyone knows her side of the story and not my side. Another version had it that it was her husband who showed her the photos and told her I was pushing to sleep with him.

Well, I don’t believe that version but in marriage, lies are told, innocent people are cut off just to save the marriage. I’m not saying I’m innocent. I’m saying she should hear my side of the story but since she won’t give me the chance, I’ve shared it here.

Maybe, someone who knows our story will see it and share the link with her. I mean no harm but half stories can slain the innocent and set the wicked free. Ebo isn’t innocent. Kuukua deserves to know the full story so she will know the part her husband played.

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