I have 4 kids from 4 different Men now they all want their Kids but none is talking about Marrying me – Depressed Woman Shares

Nigerian Lady based in Lagos (not same in picture) has this true story to share.

See her story:

I want to be anonymous. This is the bitter part of life that I don’t like to talk about but its in the past so no one should Judge me.

I was quite a wayward lady and was out to have fun in any way possible and so I slept with several men just so I can have enough fun.

Right now I am about 27 years old with 4 kids from 4 different men and the funny thing is that the 4 of them are fighting me day and night that they want their kids whereas none of them is talking about marriage.

I know I am due for marriage and I know I am still beautiful but why wont anyone be interested in marrying me.

I like my kids and I won’t release them to any man who I don’t know how he/she will take care of my child. I would rather hold on to them until I see a man that will accept me for who I am and marry me with the 4 kids.

I have mistakes in my life and I pray the almighty God forgives me entirely

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