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I fell In Love with this guy, but i’m afraid of introducing him to my Sister

I fell in love with Eric back in high school. We tried our best to keep our relationship a secret, but our love was too bright to hide. It was like a shining star in the sky. I trusted my sister more than anyone else, so I decided to share my love story with her. She was always there for me, and I relied on her advice for my relationship with Eric. Whenever he gave me gifts, I would proudly show them to my sister. Eric was really good at picking out things I liked, and he was also generous with money. He took good care of me.

When Eric and I started dating, I never expected him to be so generous. I was just following my heart and being with someone I loved. So whenever he surprised me with a gift, I was always grateful and excited. I would tell my sister all about it and how amazing Eric was. She was always supportive and believed that Eric was good for me. She even prayed that nothing would come between us. I prayed for the same, hoping we would be together forever.


We stayed together throughout high school, and even when I went off to university, we made sure to spend time together during breaks. But at some point, I started feeling like my sister was jealous of our relationship. I didn’t pay much attention to those thoughts because she was my sister, and I couldn’t imagine her being interested in my boyfriend. I convinced myself that even if she had any feelings, Eric loved me too much to be swayed by anyone else. I believed that no one could come between us.

Then one day, when I came home from university, Eric started acting differently. He suddenly wanted to go through my phone, which was something we had never done before. He told me he didn’t trust that no other guys had shown interest in me while I was at school. He wanted to make sure he was the only man in my life. I felt hurt and offended by his lack of trust. Why did it matter if others were interested? He should have trusted me to be faithful. I refused to give him access to my phone, not because I had anything to hide, but because I didn’t want to be treated like a cheater when I had done nothing wrong. We argued about it, but I didn’t change my mind.


During my time at university, Eric came to visit me one day. I was so happy to see him, hoping that he had let go of his doubts and wanted to make things right. But to my surprise, he came to take back the phone he had given me. It hurt me deeply. Eric had never taken back a gift before. I wanted to ask him why, but I decided not to argue. I gave him his phone and found a way to get a new one for myself.

Two months later, Eric confessed something that shattered my heart. He told me that he had slept with my sister. It was unbelievable. The man I thought I would spend the rest of my life with had been intimate with my own sister. I asked him to explain how it happened, hoping it was a mistake or a moment of weakness. But he confessed that it wasn’t just a one-time thing. It happened six times. It was a betrayal I couldn’t forgive.

I asked him why he was confessing now and what he hoped to achieve by telling me. He told me that he believed he had been cursed by someone because he couldn’t get the travel documents he needed. His spiritual mentor told him it was because of a curse from a broken-hearted woman. Eric thought I had found out about his affair and cursed him. He begged me to forgive him and lift the curse. I told him I hadn’t cursed him, but I couldn’t forgive him for betraying both me and my sister. What he did was extremely wrong and hurtful, and it deeply affected me. It shattered my trust in him and changed the way I saw love and relationships. It also caused significant damage to my relationship with my sister.


Since that day, I have found it difficult to introduce anyone I am dating to my sister. I keep my relationships hidden from her, not allowing her to meet them in person. The only way she finds out about my partners is when I post about them on my WhatsApp status. The betrayal from Eric has created a lasting impact on how I approach sharing my personal life with my sister.

As time went on, I discovered that the person who had actually cursed Eric was his ex-girlfriend, not me. It made me wonder about the extent of his actions and what he may have done to her. I realized that his betrayal was not just limited to me and my sister but extended to others as well.


To this day, the pain from Eric’s actions remains with me. It has taught me the importance of trust, honesty, and open communication in a relationship. It has also made me more cautious and guarded when it comes to sharing personal matters with my loved ones.

The experience with Eric and my sister has been a difficult lesson, but it has also made me stronger. I have learned to value myself and prioritize my own well-being. I am now more careful in choosing partners and ensuring that they deserve my trust and love.


While the betrayal and heartbreak were devastating, I am determined to move forward and find love and happiness in healthier and more respectful relationships. I hope that one day I can rebuild my bond with my sister and find a partner who will treat me with the love and loyalty that I deserve.

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