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A Homeless Kid at a Fancy Wedding Walked Up to The Bride And Said, “Mom?”

Staring at the bride, seven-year-old Chris was certain that his eyes weren’t deceiving him. The young woman hadn’t changed a bit. She still had the same bright eyes and that cunning smile. So, the little boy said, “Mama.” Just then, the bride looked up, and much to the boy’s disbelief, she said, “Mama? Who were you? I don’t know you.”

The air was filled with music, the scent of pines, food, and flowers. Everyone was having a blast. The couple’s friends sat in a corner cracking jokes and laughing happily. In another corner, some teenagers were busy downing bottles and chatting happily.


The newlywed couple, Anthony and Belinda, had just finished having their couples dance, so they were watching the excited guests. Everyone was busy doing what they had to do, so no one noticed the seemingly homeless-looking boy as he walked into the reception hall and walked over to the couple.

When the groom saw him, his eyes lit up. But as much as he was glad to see him, he knew the little boy Chris shouldn’t be here. Holding his hands tenderly, Anthony said, “Chris, what are you doing here?” The seven-year-old boy fumed, and Anthony noticed that he was close to tears. “It’s Stephanie. She likes you. Come with me, let’s leave here.”


“You know I can’t do that. I already have someone,” he said and pointed at his bride, who was busy watching a group of dancers. Just then, Chris’s eyes fell on the bride, and he recoiled, filled with terror. The young boy grabbed Anthony’s hand as he stared harder at the bride. He recognized her right away—her hair, her eyes, her cunning smile. Everything.

Slowly, he took careful steps toward the bride and stood in front of her. “Mama,” he said, sending a chill shiver down Belinda’s spine. The bride wondered what sort of crazy kid had the guts to walk into the wedding hall and call her mama. “It’s you, Mama,” the boy insisted. But the bride said, “Leave here immediately. I don’t know who you are. I’m not your mother.”

Broken by her words, Chris turned to face Anthony, and his eyes bore so much sadness. Chris had seen that same look before. It was the same look he had in his eyes that night he met him at a pharmacy about six months ago.


That night, it was drizzling, the street was dark and quiet, even though it was only 10 pm. Chris was having a slight headache, so he went out to get some medication at the pharmacy doorstep. He saw a little boy crouching on the ground and whimpering. “Hey, are you okay?” Anthony asked, looking up. Chris stretched his hands, showing the man some coins. “They won’t give me the drugs. They want more money,” he said.

And Anthony quickly asked him who he was getting the drugs for. “It’s for Stephanie. I need to help Stephanie. She’s sick,” the little boy said, looking helpless and dejected. Although Anthony would have loved to mind his own business, he just couldn’t. So he held Chris’s hands and asked him to take him to his house.


When they got to the house, which was a tiny one-bedroom apartment, Chris banged the door. “Steph, Steph, I’m here,” he said. About three minutes later, a young woman, Stephanie, 24, let Anthony and Chris into the house. She looked pale and feeble. Before Chris even got the chance to explain what Anthony was doing in the house, Stephanie began to feel dizzy, and she collapsed. Luckily, Anthony was fast enough, so he caught her.

Anthony quickly rushed Stephanie to the hospital. In the days that followed, he would often visit her. Anthony also took Chris to a friend’s house so she could take care of him since Stephanie wasn’t around. During the times that Antony visited Stephanie, he would only ask how she was doing, drop some fruit for her, and leave.


But one day, the two had a long conversation, and Stephanie told Anthony about her personal life, her elder sister Bella, and also about Chris, her adopted son. Stephanie and her elder sister Bella weren’t alike in any way. They didn’t have the same physique, nor did they have the same personality. However, Bella was prettier than her sister, hence she got a lot of attention from men. She would often sneak out at night to party with her numerous boyfriends. None of her family members knew about this.

So one night, they got the shock of their lives. That night, Stephanie heard someone whimpering in the bathroom. She tiptoed to the bathroom and opened the door quietly. Sitting on the toilet was Bella, crying her eyes out. You see, Bella was never the type to cry like a baby, so Stephanie was scared out of her wits.


But before she could even say anything, Bella jumped up from the toilet seat, held Stephanie’s hands, squeezed them tightly, then she said, “I’m pregnant. I’m pregnant, Stephanie. What will I do?” Stephanie couldn’t believe her ears, but she knew her sister too well. Even if Bella was crying her eyes out and asking what she needed to do, she knew she had already made up her mind to terminate the pregnancy.

So she said, “You’re considering termination, right?” But Bella screamed at her, “Of course, I am! I don’t need a baby now.” You see, Stephanie had always been an obedient little sister who always did whatever Bella asked her to do. But this time around, she couldn’t sit back and watch her go ahead with her despicable plans. And she knew the only way to stop her was to let her parents know about the pregnancy.


So when the elderly couple woke up the next day, Stephanie told them everything. Bella was so pissed with her younger sister for letting her secret out, and she even swore to cut ties with her. Bella also immediately refused to tell her family members about the father of the child. However, she promised to tell her parents after the delivery. Sadly, her parents never even got the chance to know the man responsible for the pregnancy, nor did they get to meet the baby. The couple sadly lost their lives in an accident a few months before Bella gave birth.

After his birth, Bella named her son Chris, but she didn’t feel any maternal connection to him and felt like he was a burden to her. She was also afraid that men wouldn’t want to be with her because she already had a child out of wedlock. So one morning, she sneaked out of the house and never returned, leaving Chris in the care of her younger sister.


For some months, Stephanie tried to reach out to her sister, but Bella kept declining her calls, and after a while, her phone number was no longer reachable. By then, Stephanie gave up hope that her sister would someday return home, and she decided to love and care for Chris as if he were her own child. Stephanie decided that she wouldn’t hide the truth from Chris because she felt Bella may come for her son someday. So she told Chris everything about his mother, and she even showed him pictures of her.

Listening to all this, Anthony felt admiration for Stephanie, and he told her that he was proud of her. When he got home that day, he couldn’t stop thinking about Stephanie and Chris. In just a short time, the two had come to mean the world to him.


A week later, Bella was discharged from the hospital, and Anthony picked her up and took her home. He also continued visiting Bella and Chris. The trio had lots of fun—they would cook together, play games, and fall asleep on the couch while watching a movie. For once, Anthony felt complete and very happy.

Soon enough, he and Bella became drawn to each other like magnets. They were compatible, and it just seemed like they were meant for each other. But Anthony knew they could never be more than friends because he also had a fiancée, Belinda, and their wedding was only two months away.


Anthony never hid his relationship with Bella from Stephanie, and for some time she told him she was okay with just being friends. The duo tried their best to keep their relationship at the friendship level, but one cold night after having dinner, they found themselves in each other’s arms.

“I’m crazy about you. I don’t know what to do,” Anthony said, and Bella responded with a fierce kiss. That night, they ended up making love. It was a beautiful moment, but it ended in tears. Bella told Anthony that they would have to stop seeing each other. “You have a fiancée, and you are getting married soon. I wish you all the best in life. Please don’t come here anymore,” Bella said, putting up a brave front. But as soon as Anthony left, she sank to the ground and wept bitterly. She was deeply in love with Anthony, but sadly, he belonged to another woman.


A few weeks after they parted ways, Bella found out that she was pregnant. But she didn’t want to ruin Anthony’s wedding, so she didn’t tell him about the pregnancy. Maybe she would later tell him, or maybe not, she thought.

Finally, it was the wedding day, and everyone looked their best. The bride wore a beautiful smile, and Anthony, who wasn’t sure if he was doing the right thing, still smiled radiantly too. That same morning, Stephanie, who was filled with regrets, sat on her bed, looking lost and shedding tears.


Just then, Chris barged into the room and told her he was going to the wedding venue to stop the wedding. He asked Chris to come back to them. Before Stephanie could even say anything, Chris dashed out of the house, and she ran after him too.

Everyone was busy having fun, so no one noticed when Chris stormed the wedding hall and walked over to Bella, calling her “Mama.” But Bella told him she wasn’t his mother. “It’s you. I saw you in the picture Stephanie showed me. You’re my mom!” the boy screamed, finally getting the guests’ attention.


Just then, Stephanie burst into the hall, and as soon as she saw Bella, she froze. It had been seven years since she saw her sister, and she couldn’t believe they had been close to each other the whole time. She was hurt and angry—extremely angry.

“How could you leave your son for seven years without looking back? How could you do that, Bella?” Stephanie screamed at the bride, who was now trying to hide her face from the curious guests. Poor Anthony couldn’t believe what was happening before his eyes. For heaven’s sake, he was getting married to Belinda, not some Bella.


“What’s going on here? Can someone explain?” Anthony yelled. Just then, Bella grabbed her flowing white gown and ran out of the banquet hall. Afterwards, Stephanie explained everything to Anthony, who was so shocked that he couldn’t even move an inch. Stephanie held Chris’s hand, and the two returned home.

A week later, Stephanie and Chris heard a knock on the door, and they went to get it. Standing before them was Anthony. Stephanie immediately noticed that he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring.


“I’ll never be happy if I don’t have both of you in my life. I love you, Stephanie, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you and Chris,” he said. Stephanie pulled him into her arms and kissed him. Chris watched the lovers with a big smile on his face.

“We live happily ever after,” he said.


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