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Dog Does This To Owner’s Baby The Parents IMMEDIATELY Call An Ambulance

Things can go from adorable to horror quickly when you see your family dog grabbing your 17-month-old baby. This was Sophie Taylor’s shock when she walked into her living room to find this terrifying sight.

As she swiftly moved towards the scene to rescue her precious daughter from her loving dog, which she now dreaded, Sophie realized that her dog had an extraordinary reason for acting in such a strange way.

Hold on to your screen; this is the story of two family members trying to win a battle for survival. When Sophie’s daughter and her dog met for the first time, the atmosphere was filled with that cute spark of genuine friendship. She could tell they would be best of friends, and they truly were.

So fast forward to months later; this mother would never imagine that her sleek and adorable Doberman would act towards her baby in such a violent way. The situation quickly got out of hand and beyond expectations. Sophie was in awe, even though more than a dozen things were going through her mind at that moment. Still, she couldn’t help but blame herself for trusting in her dog’s passive personality and believing that was all there is to him.

Sometimes our past experiences make us act in certain ways and depict the pattern for our behavior. Our furry friends are not exempted from this psychological trait. During Sophie’s visit to the rescue shelter and sighting her Doberman, she made findings of his behavior and personality. She was told that there are uncertainties surrounding how her Doberman may behave. This is because he was rescued from a sort of strange and unfriendly situation, and they believed this can make him unstable.

Even at that, Sophie believed in giving him a chance and went through with the adoption. That one decision, whether risky or not, she was unsure at this time, but it was based on her trust for the natural instinct of dogs, which is to protect their owner and stay loyal to them.

Sophie was at a place where she felt like this instinct and the love her family was going to shower on him would help her Doberman overcome any trauma he had been through. The unpredictability of man’s best friend – dogs are known and mostly seen to be affectionate towards their owners, members of the family, enjoy unending love, loyalty, friendship, and especially warm snuggles from these canines.

Other times, some owners have to deal with dog breeds that are naturally mean due to their genetic makeup. Some dogs are likely to behave more aggressively than others, and breeds like the Chihuahua, Dachshund, Dalmatian, Rottweilers, and even the Dobermans fall in this category. Naturally, dog lovers think twice before bringing them into their homes.

However, this didn’t stop Sophie and her husband from deciding to bring in a Doberman to be part of their family. Even though they didn’t plan to get this breed, Sophie said they never had a particular breed in mind; they were open to any furry friend that would steal their heart. And after the arrival of baby Sophie, they knew it was time to get up and prepare to sign some pet adoption papers.

The new parents believed that growing with a dog would teach their daughter a sense of responsibility, bravery, and even help her be free-spirited while still enjoying the protection that a dog gives to their family. Most people already have a preference for the kind of dog they want even before they go out to adopt one, but the tailors kept it cool with an open mind. They didn’t only want a dog to be part of their family; they wanted to give a dog who had no family a home and family.

Instead of getting a dog from a breeder, on their visit to the rescue shelter, Sophie found this Doberman, and she felt her heart melt away. He stole it. She was filled with excitement, and the family adopted him.

As the family and their latest member took the trip back home, Sophie and her husband went back and forth on a couple of names for the dog until they finally settled with Max. Max’s charming, affectionate, and family-friendly personality made it so easy for Sophie to forget about all warnings and advice given to her about his disturbing past. She was well aware of his possibilities of being unstable, but she thought this environment had given him enough support to get through that.

At that moment, there were different bursts of emotion from Sophie. She was terrified and angry. In the heat of everything, Sophie still thought to herself that this behavior was too strange and sudden, and it couldn’t simply be a reaction to unstable thoughts from Max. Max had truly won her heart, and she believed he genuinely cared for Emma. She was so shocked she was unable to move for a while, just watching the happenings unfold. One would think that a mother’s first instinct would be to jump right on the dog and pull out her daughter. But everything seemed so confusing and scary.

It was as if, after she watched Max react that way for the first time, the scene continued to replay in her head over and over again. Sophie thought to herself, “It’s just a reaction; he’s going to stop soon.” But Max didn’t, and this torture only just started. While still in shock and focusing on Max’s actions, Sophie got a new insight into the situation. It suddenly looked like his aggression wasn’t on Emma but something on the floor around her. Even though Sophie couldn’t see anything, and at that moment, she thought, “Is this what the doctors warned me about?”

Max didn’t look like he was going to stop anytime soon; he kept pushing Emma around in an attempt to grasp what no one else could see. Something else was peculiar about this situation for Sophie; it was how calm Emma was the entire time. She didn’t react violently or fearfully. Emma was still focused on her game while Max continued to drag her. It seemed as if the drag was part of the game for Max.

Meanwhile, neighbors who witnessed the scene were frightened and worried about how things would end for this new family. Sophie could think clearly and saw that Max’s aggressiveness wasn’t towards her baby.

She came out of that shock, swiftly moved towards the both of them herself, and carried her baby up from the floor. Immediately after, everyone was thrown into confusion. The newest member of her family, Max, suddenly started to wail in agony while rolling on the floor. This drastic change in his attitude left everyone surprised and gave them barely a second to rejoice that Emma was now safe from harm.

Now that Sophie had her baby in her arms, she was examining her to check if she had suffered any injuries from the incident with Max. Emma was fine, not even a scratch, which made it really clear that Max wasn’t trying to hurt her. With this discovery, Sophie looked up and took her gaze to the spot in the backyard where the attack had happened. And nothing was there.

After adjusting her gaze to a few meters after, she found Max on the floor, panting with his tongue out. He was struggling to breathe, panting and fighting to keep his eyes open. Max was not doing good now. Sophie had a new cause for alarm; her baby is fine, but it looks like her dog is about to give up the ghost. But what could have gone wrong in such a little time? She also started to check him for any bruises or cuts, but she realized that it was a case of poisoning.

Sophie figured that something had either bitten or stung Max, and he was trying to save baby Emma from it. She fell in love with her hero dog all over again, and she was going to do everything she could to see that he was alive and well. This newest addition to their family was doing exactly what Sophie thought he would be – loyal and try to protect the family.

At this point, everything was all starting to make sense to Sophie. She was happy they could move forward as a healthy family. Max wasn’t doing well at all just yesterday, but after that nightmare, they’d be leaving with a healthier version of him, and they were very grateful for it.

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