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Mommy, Are You Going to Heaven? Boy Asks His Dying Mother And The Unexpected Took Place

“Mommy, why are you going to heaven?” devastated boy asks his dying mother. “Nobody likes goodbyes; they’re painful, and when we remember them, we always have this strange feeling that we could have said or done something more to make it better, but we can’t. That’s why they hurt so much. In the story we will tell below, we will witness one of those moments, a sad tale of one of the most unfair goodbyes anyone can ever face.

Taylor and Haley Odluzille were a very young, happy couple from Texas who dreamed of a long life together. Taylor worked as a mechanic, and Haley was a Pilates teacher. They met in one of the classes that Haley taught each week at her center while Taylor tried to do the exercises she had explained, although without much success.

The truth is that the young man was not very athletic and had never been good at sports, but he tried with all his might. “The key is in the posture of the shoulders; you must relax; otherwise, you will end up hurting yourself,” indicated Haley with affection when she saw that Taylor was unable to perform the exercise.

“Thank you, miss. You are very kind to try to make me an athlete, but I must confess that I am quite mediocre,” he answered her amused and trying to put humor to his lack of balance. That was their first conversation; it barely lasted a few minutes, but the connection was instantaneous. Haley’s sweetness and Taylor’s sense of humor made them both fall madly in love with each other and become inseparable.

They were both very young and crazy in love, but they knew that theirs was not a fleeting thing. It was clear to Taylor that Haley was the love of his life, and he couldn’t let her slip away. He was determined to propose to her and wanted to do it as soon as possible. He decided to wait until the night before her birthday.

Haley noticed that Taylor was acting strange, and as they ate dinner, she noticed that her boyfriend’s hands were shaking. “Honey, are you okay? We’ve had dinner here a hundred times and haven’t ever seen you so nervous. Did something happen?” Haley asked worriedly as she held his hand affectionately.

It was then when Taylor got up the courage and decided not to wait any longer to ask her the big question. He knelt down in front of her, in front of the entire restaurant, and asked her the most important question you can ask a woman in love. “Haley, you’re the kindest, most beautiful, smartest woman I have ever met, and I am head over heels in love with you. Will you do me the honor of being my wife?”

Haley responded instantly and couldn’t hold back the tears as she saw him kneeling down and looking at her with such love. “Of course, I would. I can’t wait to marry you, Taylor. I love you,” she answered enthusiastically. That was surely the happiest night of their lives.

Unfortunately, neither of them could foresee that the immense happiness they were feeling at that moment would have such a limited duration. The wedding would take place in July, in the middle of summer, and would be an outdoor ceremony with their family and friends. Wedding preparations are always stressful, and Haley began to feel the stress fatigue in the weeks leading up to the wedding, or so she thought.

“Honey, you should rest and let us handle the wedding management. It’s almost all set. You rest; your father and I can take care of it,” her mother suggested to her worriedly. She had noticed that her daughter had not been feeling well lately and had lost some weight. Everyone thought that Haley’s discomfort was due to stress or even a possible unexpected pregnancy, but it was nothing of the sort.

After several days of discomfort and after confirming that it was not a pregnancy, Haley and Taylor decided to go to the doctor for answers. And that’s when all of their happiness was shattered into a thousand pieces. The first tests they performed on Haley detected advanced ovarian cancer. The doctor told them the fatal news few days before their wedding.

Within seconds, the couple was presented with a completely different reality than they had imagined. Not only was there a risk that Haley would not overcome the disease, but if she did, she would most likely never be able to have children.

Haley had a hard time coming to terms with her new life’s destiny. She realized that she was going to fight a long battle, and that she might lose it. Her sadness was so great that she even considered calling the whole thing off. She didn’t feel able to go through with it, and she wanted to let Taylor know before it was too late.

Ten days after the diagnosis, she proposed calling off the wedding, but he flatly refused. “Now, don’t you want to marry me? Right now, we have to stick together, Haley. You don’t have to do it all by yourself. I’m here to help you. If you love me, we can get through this together. I’ll never leave you alone,” Taylor told her, very nervously, at the unusual proposal of his future wife.

“You deserve to marry someone who can give you children and a full and happy life. The future you will always have by my side will be full of pain and sacrifice. You don’t deserve that,” Taylor pleaded as he hugged and comforted her.

Haley decided to listen to him, and they were married as scheduled. They didn’t want to make Haley’s diagnosis public until after the wedding so as not to tarnish the happiness of that day. They didn’t want to spend the day listening to words of encouragement; it had to be the happiest day of their lives, and it was. They got married, and although Haley couldn’t help but feel very scared about what would happen after that day, she managed to escape and enjoy her beautiful wedding to the fullest.

After the wedding, Haley was scheduled for nine weeks of chemotherapy to help shrink the tumor as much as possible. Doctors had been optimistic that after the first few sessions, the tumor would shrink enough to remove it.

However, the opposite was true. After the first few months of treatment, Haley and Taylor were faced with even more devastating news. Doctors told the couple that the chemotherapy had done nothing to shrink the tumor; in fact, it had increased in size. That wasn’t the worst of it; doctors told them that Haley had no more than six months to live.

Faced with such heartbreaking news, the normal thing to do would have been to break down and sink into the deepest sorrows. However, the newlyweds decided that the best way to face adversity would be to be optimistic and celebrate their love in style. They didn’t want Haley’s remaining time of life to be marked by sadness, so they did the opposite of what everyone expected.

“We won’t give up, Haley. I know you are strong, and you will get through this. I don’t care what the doctor said; I refuse to believe that your life is going to end like this,” said Taylor when they got home after hearing the worst diagnosis.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen; it could be six months or a year or maybe less, but you know what? Right now, I don’t want to think about how much time I have left in this world. And if I have as little time left as the doctor said, I’d rather enjoy it and squeeze the most out of every minute at your side. So, what do you say we go on our honeymoon as we had planned?” Haley proposed to her husband out of the blue.

“I think it’s the best idea, my love. We’ll do whatever you want. I just want you to be well, and I’ll follow you wherever you go. Let’s go and rest from these horrible days; you deserve it, and it will be good for you to disconnect,” the couple decided that cancer would not spoil their plans and went on their honeymoon, touring the Mediterranean on the luxury cruise ship.

In that time, Haley was able to recover from the grueling chemo sessions, and she and her husband were able to talk calmly about the next step they needed to take. They were willing to fight to the end, and upon their return from their honeymoon, they sought a second opinion about Haley’s cancer. They spent weeks touring the best medical centers in the country and talking to the doctors best qualified to treat Haley’s type of cancer.

And so it was that after many consultations and several disappointments, hope reemerged in their lives when a prestigious New York doctor agreed to examine Haley’s case and told them he was willing to operate on her.

The doctor scheduled Haley’s operation for two weeks later. It was a very complicated operation, lasting over nine hours, and he was able to remove one hundred percent of the visible cancer. After leaving the operating room and receiving the news, the couple felt like they were coming back to life; it was a real miracle.

“Doctor, you don’t know how happy you have made us. You brought happiness back into our lives,” Taylor told him as soon as she heard the good news. He gave the doctor a big hug, and with tears in his eyes, he thanked him for saving his wife.

“Your wife has also done her part, sir. I have never seen someone survive cancer in that state and, moreover, do it with so much optimism and strength. Your wife is an example for all other cancer patients to follow; she is proof that hope is the last thing to be lost,” said the doctor, who was as impressed as he was with what they had just accomplished.

Unfortunately, the joy would not last long. The couple had just celebrated their miracle surgery when a new cancer came back to haunt their lives. “I’m so sorry to have to give you this news, especially after I was the one who managed to completely remove Haley’s first cancer, but we’ve detected a tumor in her colon, and it is large.

We must operate as soon as possible to prevent it from spreading and affecting other organs. I’m so sorry,” the news of a new cancer was not in the couple’s plans, but they faced it bravely, just as they had done before.

Haley underwent emergency surgery a few days after the diagnosis, but a few weeks after the operation, tests showed that the cancer had reproduced, and this time, it would be more difficult to treat. After that diagnosis, Haley and Taylor’s life was constantly marked by the disease and its ups and downs. Doctors were unable to completely eradicate the cancer, and as soon as it was removed from one site, it quickly reproduced in another organ.

Haley spent seven years fighting fiercely against the disease, and in the midst of all that pain came one of the happiest and sweetest moments of her life: the birth of their only son, Weston, through surrogacy. It was clear to the couple that they could never be parents naturally, but they also knew they wanted to be parents despite Haley’s ongoing health problems.

“Being a mother is the only thing I ask of this life. I know it’s selfish of me because I probably won’t be able to be by your side for a long time, but I want to be a mother and give you all my love for as long as I can. I want you to remember that it is my last wish for this life,” were the words Haley said to her husband when he asked her if she was completely sure and wanted to become the mother of a child through surrogacy.

“And so it will be, my love. Our son will know that his mother was a heroine who loved him until the end of his days, and you will be the best of mothers. I have no doubt,” he replied, trying to keep his composure and not burst into tears in front of his wife.

After becoming parents, Haley’s health began to deteriorate, and the doctors warned them that the worst was yet to come. “We are sorry to have to let you know that Haley’s condition is terminal. We have done everything we can, but her body will no longer be able to withstand any more treatments or operations.

We can only offer palliative care to try to make her suffer as little as possible and lead a more or less normal life at home, in the company of her family and friends,” her trusted doctor told them at the last checkup.

After a really tough last session of chemotherapy, which unfortunately had no effect, Taylor tried to stay positive for his wife and son. But there were times when he needed to unburden himself and share what he was feeling with an outsider, to be able to speak his mind without filters.

So, after much thought, he decided to share his family’s story by making an account on TikTok. The name of his account was called “The Texas Dad,” and although at first, he felt stupid recording himself explaining how he felt, over time, he got used to it, and his account started to gain a lot of followers who were excited by his videos.

After six months, one of his videos showing how they spent Thanksgiving went viral with over 9 million views, and his account began to grow rapidly. In the videos, Taylor came clean and explained to the world how he felt. In one of the videos, he said, “I’m losing my family, and there’s nothing I can do about it,” he expressed. He started posting regularly and ended up with over 500,000 followers in less than a year.

Taylor wasn’t prepared for the support he received from his fellow TikTok fans, but he was grateful for all the love and expressions of sympathy from people all over the world. The moments Taylor shared on his account were very sweet and, at the same time, very painful. In one, you could see her son Weston, only four years old, rubbing his mother’s back while she was uncomfortable. In another, we see how Haley is recording her voice on a teddy bear for her son to keep and remember her when she is gone.

Taylor knew his wife was leaving memories for his son because she was running out of time. And even though he had known this for many months, he never felt ready to say goodbye to his wife. The pain that caused him was heartbreaking, yet he knew he had to stay strong for her and his son. Weston became the main reason they both smiled every morning and tried to keep going; the boy was always near his mother, trying to make her feel good.

Even when his mother couldn’t do anything but sleep, Weston would lie down next to her and hug her very tightly. In one of her latest videos, Taylor shared a difficult conversation Haley had to have with her son. In the video, Weston asked, “Mommy, why are you going to heaven?” as Haley lay on the couch. She explained that she was going to heaven so she wouldn’t experience pain or vomiting and assured her son that his father would be there to take care of him.

Weston was saddened at the thought of his mother leaving him; he didn’t quite understand why he had to say goodbye to his mother. “I don’t want you to go, Mom. I’ll miss you so much; stay with me, Mommy, please,” the boy begged her, some nights, noticing that his mother was getting weaker and weaker.

“I won’t go away, sweetheart. You may not be able to see me, but I will always be with you, right here in your heart. I don’t want you to remember me sad, okay? Being your mother has been the greatest blessing God has given me. Now, you have to take care of Daddy for me; he’s going to need you. You will both support each other when I’m gone. I’m going in peace, my love. I’m a happy woman thanks to all the love you and your father have given me,” Haley died a few days later at home with her family. She went as she wished, peacefully and without pain.

Taylor and her son remember her every day, but they keep their promise to move on and live a full and happy life, as she asked them to. They both remember her daily with affection and try not to let sadness take over them. In the latest video Taylor posted, you can see him asking his son about his mother. “When you can’t feel or see Mommy, where is she?” and Weston always says, “In my heart.”

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