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I Broke Up With Her After She Called Me A Thief

I met Gloria on Facebook in August 2022. I liked her profile so I sent her a simple “Hello”. I didn’t expect a response immediately so I was a little surprised when she replied, “Hi”. Things picked up from there. I enjoyed chatting with her. She came across as someone who is very calm yet knew how to have fun. We spoke in the mornings right before we both start our days. Sometimes we would catch up in the afternoons. And we spent our evenings talking to each other on the phone. The vibe was good. I wasn’t pushing for attention she didn’t want to give. We were on the same page.

Two months after enjoying this incredible connection I proposed love to her. She didn’t tell me, “Let me think about it” or “Let me pray about it.” It was an instant yes. The next thing I did was visit her at home. By then she had gotten comfortable enough around me to share a closed space with me. After my visit to her place, we arranged for her to visit me as well. When she came, she spent three days at my end. I must say, we both enjoyed every minute we spent together. New love has a way of wrapping you in bubbles and sending you to float on the clouds.

She is a student in a private school and her timetable is quite flexible. So she told me, “Due to a few financial challenges I am facing, I don’t go to class all the time. I am trying to get a part-time job so I can earn some money to keep me going but it’s difficult to find one.” I suggested, “Why don’t you come and stay at my end for a while so you can save on some of your expenses? While you are here, we will continue to look for a part-time job for you.” She agreed and came to live with me.

We were living happily together without any problems until my ex called me out of the blue. After I finished talking to her Gloria asked, “Who is that?” I told her it was my ex. She didn’t react or say anything. Then another time one of my female friends called me. While we were talking, Gloria gave me an angry look. I muted the call and asked if she was okay. She angrily asked me why I was talking to a woman. She sounded unreasonable so I went back to my call without giving her any response. After I ended the call she started shouting at me, “Why are you entertaining other women when you know you are in a relationship?”

I tried to calm her down, “Relax, these are people I knew before I met you. If I wanted to have anything to do with any of them I wouldn’t have gotten together with you in the first place.” My words only further upset her. We ended up having a big fight that night. Neither of us had a sound sleep. I would toss on my side of the bed and she would turn at hers. I thought after that unfortunate day she would come to her senses but she became more possessive than ever. The moment my phone rings in her presence she would ask, “Who is that?” If it’s a woman, “What does she want? Doesn’t she know you have a girlfriend?” There was only so much I could take.

Soon enough I started getting tired of her behavior. We constantly fought, and the more we did, the worse she got. She began taking numbers from my phone and making calls to people. Some of my friends told me a lady called them asking, “Who are you to Kojo?” I told them, “She is my girlfriend. I am sorry for whatever she must have said to you. She gets possessive sometimes.” My apologies did nothing to salvage the situation seeing as she wouldn’t stop harassing them. In the end, they just stopped calling me altogether.

She rejected all the jobs I got for her. She said she cannot do any other job besides nursing. So she would sit at home or go to class while I went to work. I felt she had too much time on her hands so I suggested she goes back to her place. I assured her I would send her money so she wouldn’t have to worry about that. “You want me gone so you can bring in other girls, isn’t it?” she shouted. I explained to her that I just needed a little space to clear my head. It didn’t sit down well with her but she left.

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Since she left, I go to her place to see her and sometimes spend the weekends with her. During one of my visits, I decided to leave for my place on a Sunday instead of the usual Mondays I leave. I just wanted to get more rest before my week began. She called me around 10:00 PM but I couldn’t answer because I was asleep. At midnight, she called all my friends asking them if they knew where I was. I was so embarrassed the next morning when they told me what she did.

We had a lot of problems after that. She said things to my friends that ruined my relationships with some of them. I had an issue with someone at work, and she took the person’s number from my phone and called to confront him. I became a chewing stick in the mouth of my work colleagues because of this. I was able to endure all of this because of love. However, she has finally pushed me off the edge.

This is what happened. I was at her place one day when she complained that her money was missing. It was GHC200. I told her to search the room very well for it but she didn’t. She rather called her friend whom she claimed knows a fetish priest. And the fetish priest told them that whoever took the money is someone she is living with. I thought she was joking until she went to tell my uncle that I am a thief. My uncle was very confused because I stayed with him during my secondary school days and I never stole from him.

I was also very shocked and so hurt by her accusation that I broke up with her. I had endured a lot at her hands but I drew the line at her calling me a thief. She brought in her friends to plead with me to take her back. She promised she had changed but it was all a lie. She is still jealous and possessive. Her mother constantly apologizes on her behalf but I am tired. I told her to give me space to breathe but she and her mother won’t let me be. How do I remove them from my life? They are making it look like I am overreacting and now I am even beginning to think they are right.


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