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I am 40 and Single Because my Mom advised me to Stay Single – Lady shares story

A Nigerian lady by name Bella (not same in picture) has something to say.

Her story:

My life is almost ruined all because I listened to my mom. Its just dawning on me now and I hope its not too late.

When I was 19, my mum sat me down and told me how she had to move out of the house and separate from my Dad. She told me that my Dad was an animal that he wanted to kill her for nothing. Severally, she showed me Injuries on her body that had dried up and said my Dad gave her those Injuries.

She said sometimes he would bring home several ladies and sleep with them right before her and that this is how most men behave. She would tell me a lot about other men she dated, how they used her and dumped her and how her sisters husband are maltreating them secretly and pretending in public.

This created a huge hatred in my heart for marriage and she had even advised me severally not to get married if I love my life and my head. So, I had decided from age 19 that I won’t get married to any man no matter what, I concluded that all men are evil.

I clocked 40 last year and my mum is still alive likewise my Dad though I havn’t seen him in a long while. It was a huge shock one day to stumble on him somewhere in Lagos one weekend, and well for the fact that he is my Dad I gave him some audience. That evening he took me to his house in Lagos and brought out photos of my mum with other men that he had seen with her back then, he then told me this was the Issue he had with my mum. She was sleeping around. Frankly, I froze to my bone.

I saw more than 5 photos with different men, black and white photos and he even showed me letters he intercepted, they were old papers so I know it was true. I wept like a baby and knelt down begging him to forgive me.

Men are not evil and not all men are scum but women are terrible and dangerous and I pray I would be able to forgive my mum for this hurt she has done to me.

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