She Took Her Son Out of the Coffin in the Middle of the Funeral. The Reason Will Break Your Heart! –
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She Took Her Son Out of the Coffin in the Middle of the Funeral. The Reason Will Break Your Heart!

“No one ever wants to bury their own child, but the story becomes even more dramatic when this mother does something bizarre at her child’s funeral. So why would a mother take her son out of the coffin in the middle of his funeral? Well, let’s find out together.

Sarah was the captain of her University’s football cheerleading squad, while her future husband Jim was just a regular student. He didn’t participate in anything spectacular during his college days. Jim always kept to himself and hung around as few people as possible. It did make him seem weird, but he never concerned himself about what people thought of him. Jim was strikingly handsome; he didn’t need to do much to make himself attractive, it came effortlessly.

Sarah, on the other hand, was everyone’s favorite. She was beautiful and slender, her voice sprang with cheerfulness any time she was in the hall. She had silky ginger-colored hair and walked like a model, although she didn’t belong to that world. Sarah was the type of girl that keeps guys on their toes anytime they’re in the room. There was something truly likable about her; she was aware of her feminine charms and used them to the fullest, but it never worked on Jim. Many people envied their relationship in college, including all the guys that wanted a relationship with Sarah.

Barely a year after college, Sarah gave birth to their first child. They named them Edward; he had ginger hair like Sarah and blue eyes like his father, Jim. Edward was in all things like his mother. Unfortunately, Jim and Sarah weren’t financially stable. Sarah’s pregnancy came too early, and there wasn’t enough time to look for a good job or start their own business. Their parents, too, were against the idea of Sarah becoming a mother at such a young age. So, Sarah and Jim had to work their hats off to provide for Edward. Their income could only settle some bills, but despite the struggles, Jim and Sarah decided to get married.

After the wedding, the couple relocated to another country. The move was an attempt at increasing their income and taking better care of Edward. But as time went by, they figured it would have been better to remain in their home country.

There was hardly any extra income that hadn’t already been used for Edward’s needs. Nonetheless, they poured an unmatchable love on their first and only son. Jim found a job as a local engineer and a part-time fitness instructor, while Sarah worked as the sales representative of a rising business. She was extremely good at her job, but the pay wasn’t exactly enough for the life she envisioned.

They continued like this for a while until Sarah got a huge promotion. The new position she occupied raised her salary from a few hundred thousands of dollars per month. One of the first things they did was to get a new apartment. Furthermore, Edward could also be enrolled in a better school, and Jim, as well, would be able to further his education so he could get a more lucrative job. Things began to take a progressive step for them; they could afford bits of luxury here and there. Saturday nights became the family’s official movie night.

Sarah’s parents became relaxed about the welfare of their daughter. Before this time, they had constant doubts about her survival as a young mother. At some point, they even asked Sarah to divorce Jim and come home to them. They put the offer in such a tempting way that Sarah found herself thinking about it for days, despite having turned them down instantly. But that was all in the past now.

Two years passed since Sarah’s much-needed promotion. Jim also got a job with a higher pay after some time. They got their first car and moved into an upscale neighborhood. But they soon began to notice something odd about Edward; he was always reluctant to get out of bed, his skin was pale, and he complained of consistent headaches. Jim and Sarah thought it was a result of them moving into a new neighborhood. Soon after, they noticed that he frequently suffered from chills and fever, so they took him to the hospital.

After the doctor ran a series of tests on Edward, the little boy was diagnosed with chronic leukemia. Sarah almost fell from her seat when she heard the doctor’s report, but Jim was quick enough to hold her. She instantly felt a cold sting at the back of her throat; in the next few minutes, she was lost in thought. Her reaction made Jim a little uneasy, and his instincts told him that there was more to Sarah’s reaction. He couldn’t ask about it on their way home, as he knew Sarah wouldn’t reveal the whole truth. He decided to wait for the right time.

The ride home was a quiet one; Jim occasionally conversed with Edward while Sarah looked out of the window with despair written all over her face. Jim was worried about her, but at the same time angry that she couldn’t control her emotions before Edward. The little boy would likely blame himself for his mother’s countenance.

When they got home, Jim tried to get her to talk with Edward, but she immediately went upstairs to the bedroom with a sad countenance still on her face. Sarah remained the same way for the next few days; she hardly had a proper conversation with Edward, while Jim could only watch helplessly.

He wanted to confront her and possibly get her to snap out of her self-pity, but that wasn’t a wise thing to do. He took time off work to look after Edward as Sarah would recline further into the new role she created for herself. There was a disturbing feeling about Sarah’s new disposition, the uncertainty, the thick air of disappointment, of regrets hanging around her; it was all too strange, and Jim had never seen her like this before.

Jim constantly asked himself what happened to the girl he met during their cheerleading days and what happened to the girl who brightened up every room she’d step into. One day while playing in the garden by himself, Edward suddenly fainted.

Sarah had been watching him the whole time; she screamed in horror as she saw him hit the ground. She darted downstairs with Jim a few steps behind her. Jim had been caught unawares by Sarah’s scream; when he saw Edward sprawled on the ground, he outran Sarah and lifted Edward with the little strength he had. They drove straight to the hospital, and Edward was admitted. Jim was finally able to catch his breath while Sarah was sobbing silently.

Jim immediately became furious and threw accusations of neglect at her. He wasn’t really aware of what he was saying at this point, his emotions running high. Sarah only looked up at him and said nothing; her unlikely reaction to the accusations made Jim’s senses come back to him. He quietly sat beside her, unsure of whether to apologize or feign anger. The next few minutes of silence felt like an eternity.

At that same moment, Sarah told Jim what he always wanted to hear since the very day they learned of Edward’s illness. She had lost her childhood best friend to leukemia; his name was also Edward. He had died when she was away on a camping expedition. Edward had insisted that Sarah go on the adventure without him; he knew his time was almost up, and he didn’t want his best friend to see him die.

She came back with wonderful adventure stories, only to find his bed neatly arranged and empty when she got wind of his demise. She cried her eyes out; it was the most devastating news, and she went without food for days. Seeing her son go through the same ordeal brought back memories of her late friend.

They were soon invited to the doctor’s office where he unveiled the true nature of Edward’s condition. The chances that the little boy would survive were slim, but they would give it a shot anyway. Edward was put on heavy medication for the next few weeks, but he only grew weaker and lost weight faster than he could gain them. During this period, Sarah practically lived in the hospital; she couldn’t entertain the thought of leaving him and coming back to find him dead; it would be unbearable. While she was alone at the hospital, she made peace with Edward’s possible death.

The doctors placed them on medication after medication, but it was of no use. On a Saturday night, after she read him his favorite bedtime story, Edward clinched her hands and smiled. His smile cut deep into her soul; she knew this was farewell. She called Jim into the room; they stood at both sides of Edward’s bed while he held their hands tightly. After a few moments of silence, Edward took his last breath. The nurses were called in, and they announced the time of death and moved Edward out of the room.

Sarah ordered a wide casket for his funeral. On the day of the burial, after the priests had finished praying over Edward’s body, Sarah did something that caught everyone off guard. Just as Edward’s coffin was about to be put into the six-foot hole, Sarah began yelling and crying that she wanted to speak and had one last look at her son.

Although everyone was surprised by her request, Jim implored them to allow her to do what she wanted. But instead of a look, she hugged the man, kissed her son affectionately, with tears streaming down her face. At the same time, she also kept saying, “I will always love you, and I will make sure that your brothers and sisters also know about you. You will always be my baby.”

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