Scientists Put a Camera in a Coffin for Research Purposes. When They Turned it on, They Screamed! –
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Scientists Put a Camera in a Coffin for Research Purposes. When They Turned it on, They Screamed!

Scientists install Cameron Vincent’s coffin for research purposes. When they checked the footage, they were beyond shocked. Vincent came from a wealthy family; his father was a real estate guru who also loved to collect ancient artifacts worth a lot on the black market. His mother was one of the top surgeons in the country. Despite having everything he needed, Vincent was humble, a man of integrity, making the world a better, safer, and happier place.

When Vincent turned 18, his mother died of cancer, leaving him and his father alone. A few years later, his father remarried a beautiful woman with a daughter named Rita from a previous marriage. After the wedding, Vincent decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career in real estate and artifact collection. He was quickly successful, showing a knack for business inherited from his dad. Tragically, Vincent’s father passed away after a brief illness, leaving him lonely and miserable.


Fortunately, he had stepsister Rita and stepmother by his side. Initially skeptical, Vincent eventually allowed them into his heart, and they became like family. Vincent moved back into his parents’ house, which he had inherited, making it his home again. The entire community was glad to see him back, as Vincent brought positive changes to the town through renovations, donations, and scholarships.

One morning, the shocking news of Vincent’s death spread through the town. Rita found his lifeless body in his house and rushed him to the hospital, but it was too late. The doctors couldn’t determine the cause of death. Knowing her brother’s opposition to autopsies, Rita declined the suggestion, instead planning for his funeral.


Restless that night, Rita stumbled upon scientific research on the dead, where scientists placed bodies under supervision for a year. She contacted them, and they agreed to use Vincent for their research. After the funeral, they fitted a camera to Vincent’s coffin to record footage for up to a year. The camera would transmit the footage directly to their computers at 7 PM every evening.

The funeral service was a solemn affair lasting up to an hour. By the end of it, everyone had swollen eyes from shedding tears. Afterward, Rita went to her brother’s house, where she would now start living. Meanwhile, the scientists eagerly awaited 7 PM when the camera would record its first footage.


As soon as the clock struck seven, the camera started transmitting a live feed. Within seconds of watching it, the scientists let out an astonished cry. They immediately made a copy of the video and hurried out of the lab, heading to the police station. Neither of them had ever witnessed such a frightening incident.

The following day, around noon, Rita was at her brother’s house, enjoying a glass of expensive tequila on the porch. Suddenly, she heard a siren sound in the distance, and before she could react, a police van pulled up in her front yard. Nervously getting to her feet, she hurried over to meet them.


The police officers told Rita she was wanted at the police station because they suspected she had something to do with her brother’s death. Hearing those words, Rita’s heart leaped into her stomach, and she immediately turned pale. The glass cup she was holding slipped from her grasp and shattered into a hundred pieces. At that moment, she knew there was no point lying and pretending, so she decided to confess, hoping the truth would set her free.

Rita confessed that her intention was never to take her brother’s life; all she wanted were the valuable artifacts he was hoarding. She admitted to adding extra sleeping pills into his coffee and searching through the house for them, only to find nothing. When she returned to Vincent’s room in an attempt to threaten him into revealing where the artifacts were located, it became apparent that he wasn’t breathing anymore.


Knowing she would be charged with murder, she cooked up the story about Vincent having a heart condition and even showed the doctors fake documents to back up her claims. To further cover her tracks, she rejected an autopsy and instead gave Vincent to the scientists for their research purpose.

However, the night before, the scientists had been stunned to find Vincent struggling to escape from his coffin when they viewed the camera footage. The effect of the sleeping pills had worn off, so he woke up horrified to find himself in a coffin six feet under. The scientists immediately rushed to the police station and explained the situation.


Along with the police officers, they dug up Vincent’s coffin and found him alive, struggling to breathe. They then rushed him to the hospital where he was stabilized. Vincent had suspected his stepsister for a while, so he had taken the artifacts to a warehouse and hid them there.

Rita pleaded with her brother to drop the case, but he knew she deserved no mercy. She was eventually charged to court and sentenced to prison.

The story leaves it open-ended regarding how Vincent proceeds after this shocking turn of events and his decision to take his stepsister to court.



  1. Samca Agogbua

    July 26, 2023 at 4:51 pm

    Put your trust only in God and not human beings. Our hearts are too deceitful.

  2. Teddy Kitti Joshua

    July 29, 2023 at 4:16 am

    Is this fiction or a true story of events.

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