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Mother was Shocked To See That Her Son Was Born Black But 3 Years Later The Truth Got Revealed

When Claire fell pregnant, everyone was over the moon, especially Yavin. But their world was ripped apart when their son was born with black skin, with both of them having white skin. They didn’t understand how this happened. While it took three years for the truth to finally come out, and when it did, it rocked several generations of their family to the very core.

Alvin and Claire had met each other over 10 years ago. Claire worked as a hotel manager, and Alvin was a handyman who had come in to refit various rooms. The pair had got talking, hit it off almost instantly, and went on a date—a very successful date. From that point, they never looked back.


They had one of those relationships that makes your heart melt, and they truly did seem like the most in love and compatible people that could have ever been together. They were content with the life they were living and never had any plans to have children.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want them; it’s just that they had other things they wanted to do first. They wanted to get a nice house and create a perfect home. They wanted to travel and go on adventures and live their best lives while they were in their prime years.

So it was a surprise and a shock when Claire came home one day with exciting news—she was pregnant. Owen’s jaw hit the floor, but he was beyond happy and excited. Their plans had suddenly gone out of the window, but that didn’t matter anymore because their family of two was soon to become a family of three. Everyone was delighted for them.


In fact, the only person that wasn’t delighted was Alvin’s mother, Margaret. She seemed worried and apprehensive about the whole thing and didn’t seem thrilled with the idea. Alvin tried to shrug it off, putting it down to her becoming crankier and more reclusive since the death of her husband.

Still, the day after birth came, and she was there, dutifully marching into the hospital behind Alvin and Claire. It wasn’t long until it was time for Claire to push, but what Claire and Owen saw when the baby started to emerge shocked them beyond belief—the baby was black.


Straw Oven walked out of the Maternity Ward and found his mother anxiously sitting in the waiting room. He told her about what color the baby was, and she looked stunned and worried. Margaret asked Evan if he thought Claire had cheated on him. Alvin categorically said no and that he trusted his wife, but the seed was planted, and doubt started to grow.

Margaret continued pushing the theory that Claire had cheated, as it was the only explanation. She told her son he would be better off without her and that he deserved more than a wife that was a liar. She said that she had never liked or trusted Claire, and it was only now that she felt comfortable saying anything to her son.

Alvin’s mind was running at a million miles an hour trying to make sense of everything. How could the pair have had a black baby if they were both white? That was impossible, wasn’t it? Claire had no answers, and she was adamant that Owen was the only man she had been with. She tried everything to reassure her husband that it must be something else and that there must be some explanation, but it was no good.


The doubt had overtaken Alvin’s mind, and one day, several weeks after their baby had been born, he filed for divorce. Claire was understandably confused and devastated, but there was nothing she could do. Alvin had made up his mind.

Three years passed, the divorce was finalized, they had moved into separate houses, and they had very little contact, only speaking to each other when handing over their son. Things were certainly a far cry from how perfect they had been before the birth of the child. That light seemed like a distant dream of another life.


But one day, out of the blue, Claire reached out to Alvin with a suggestion. She had always remained adamant that she had not cheated, so she suggested that they do a DNA test and have a doctor try to decipher the mystery. Against his mother’s advice, Alvin agreed. He sent off samples of his own DNA alongside that of his child and Claire. Hopefully, this would settle things once and for all.

The following week, Claire and Owen found themselves sitting in the doctor’s office, waiting for the results of the tests. Margaret had tagged along too and sat pensively in the corner, not saying a word. The atmosphere was tense, but what the doctor was about to explain would flabbergast them all and leave them shaking, for the results had shown that the baby was biologically the son of both Claire and Owen. There was no doubt; the DNA test did not lie.


The icy atmosphere between the two ex-lovers began to thaw a little as they looked at each other with confused and shocked looks on their faces. The doctor explained the situation. Sometimes genes can be dominant, and sometimes genes can be recessive. Recessive genes tuck themselves away and are hidden for a generation, maybe even longer. But eventually, there’s a chance they will re-emerge.

For example, a man might have blue eyes, but his children don’t inherit his eye color. But in the following generation, the recessive blue eye gene might once again re-emerge, and the children will be born with blue eyes. This was the case with Claire and Owen; they were seeing the results of a recessive gene coming to the fore. The child was theirs; no one had cheated, and there had been no affairs going on. But the gene for black skin must have finally come through, resulting in a baby with dark skin. It was a very rare thing indeed, but it did happen from time to time.

Still, doctors were shocked by how this could have happened. Margaret had been sitting in the corner quietly listening, but no one noticed her look of extreme guilt until now. Alvin questioned his mother about what was up and what she knew of the situation. Unable to hold back, she finally blurted out the whole devastating story.


Margaret had at one time slept with a black co-worker and become pregnant. They intended to marry; however, the man had to leave the country, never to return. She didn’t want to have a baby out of wedlock, so she quickly found and married a white man, Alvin’s father. She deceived them and convinced them that she was pregnant with his baby, and she hoped beyond all hope that when she gave birth, the baby didn’t come out black.

Margaret was by no means a racist, but she knew that it could tear her world apart if her secret came out. Very luckily for her, when Alvin was born, he came out white, and the secret was safe. Margaret never thought anything more would ever come out of it. Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t aware of the recessive genes and how they could emerge generations down the line.

And that brought them to the point where they were now. Both Owen and Claire were gobsmacked; they had never believed that such a thing could happen. How could Margaret lie to them like that, and how could she tear their family apart all over a mistake that she made many, many years ago? How could she drive a wedge between two people that were so right for one another?


But it was too late; the damage was already done. Or was it? Could the pair work things out and mend those broken bridges? Claire felt Owen reach out and softly take her hand. She turned and looked at him, and her heart fluttered as he smiled. She hadn’t seen him smile in so many years; she’d missed it.

He apologized and asked Claire for forgiveness. Claire, being the intelligent woman she was, understood Alvin’s actions and why he had acted the way he had. It was a shock to unexpectedly see a black baby, so she knew exactly why he had felt the way he did and even understood his need for a divorce. But she forgave him; there was still love there deep down. Maybe they could rekindle it this time without the interference of Margaret.

Claire and Owen left the hospital hand in hand. Their emotions were torn, though they were delighted that they had finally found out their beautiful child really was biologically theirs, and finally, they could start to try to piece their life back together. But they were angry and disappointed by Margaret’s duplicity and hypocrisy and how her lies had nearly torn not one but two generations of the family apart.


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