How my Wife’s Sister Poisoned my Wife, Claiming she was Obsessed with Me – Man Shares –
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How my Wife’s Sister Poisoned my Wife, Claiming she was Obsessed with Me – Man Shares

A Nigerian man (not same in picture) based abroad has this story to share. See his story:

Ever since I and my wife started dating before we even got married, the younger sister had always winked at me, smiled seductively at me and atimes intentionally sit carelessly around me.

I knew all this was a sign but I was not such a guy, I had my morals and so I was bent on sticking to one partner.

I Ignored all her advances and then I and my wife got married about 2 years ago. We were so madly in love that we did not care about distractions.

Apparently, her younger sister gave us some space after our wedding. So I felt she had changed, I did not know she had somethings bottled up inside her.

After about 1 year of our marriage, my wife’s sister came to spend her college holiday with us, that was the biggest mistake we made.

During the time when my wife sister was around, I was up early one morning, I woke up a bit very early unlike the usual and then something told me to have a look at my wife, then I realized that my wife had a stain of blood in her mouth, she had passed out already. I Immediately rushed her out of the house to the hospital that early hour and I was lucky I made in on time.

The doctors even commended me for observing it early enough. They said if I had stayed a bit more before noticing it, she would have died. Apparently she was too weak to call me or maybe she tried to call me and to no avail.

That morning my wife’s sister wanted to follow us but I told her to stay back at home that I will call her when I need her.

On asking the doctor what really went wrong, they said it was food poison and mentioned the name of the chemical they found in her blood. They asked me what she ate the previous night and I could not really say because I came home a bit late from work and she was already asleep.

That day, I went home and asked my wife’s sister what they ate and she Innocently said it was some African rice and some spinach then some dessert. I simply felt maybe it was just some infection in food not until my wife became conscious and called for me. It was then she whispered to me that she thinks her sister did something to the food.

I was shocked at the spot but I did not want to believe it at first until I remembered all she used to do before we married. I went home and confronted her but she started crying that how will I accuse her of poisoning her own sister.

I felt bad and then left her. I reported it to my mother in-law and then my mother-in-law came to the hospital to see us and afterwards went home to speak with my wife’s sister. We had to Interrogate her well with all the evidences before us and then things began to unfold when we realize that she did not eat from the pot my wife ate but she was the cook.

It was a long night that day but at the end she fell on her knees and begged us to forgive her that she was obsessed about me and wanted me by all means. She said her sister always had the best things in life while she never got any nice guy.

With the shock and everything, I bounced on her and slapped her but we realized that we can’t Involve the police since its a family Issue and my wife was alive though still in the hospital.

That night I sent her out of my house to go lodge in an hotel and go home with her mom by morning. Her mom was so ashamed, their father is actually late. I so pitied the mum as she cried like a baby. It was such a pathetic Incidence but I assured her that we won’t involve the police that we have forgiven her if she agrees to change. One has to be very careful in this life.

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