How I Slept With Over 500 Women To Improve My Boxing Fitness- Tyson Fury Reveals Secrets

Tyson Fury admits to bedding over 500 women and calls his exploits ‘pure Fitness-Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury once revealed he slept with over 500 women and even claims it helped him ‘improve his fitness’.

The 33-year-old has been married to his wife Paris since 2008 and the two share six children together.

In 2011, he tweeted that ‘lots of sex improves fitness and muscle tone’ a few days before his Commonwealth and British heavyweight title fight against Derek Chisora.

Four years later, he claimed he bedded 500 women during his life but ‘lost count’.

Speaking to Boxing News Online, Tyson said: “I’m a liar, a cheater, a proud, vain person. Everything that’s bad I do or have done. We all make mistakes, don’t we?

“The only thing I ever regret in life is having s*x before marriage. If I could erase that then my life would be practically perfect. I regret all the filth that you do with people.

The boxer went on to say how it is ‘pure filth and h*rribleness’.

“I look at that now as pure disgusting. I’m not a religious person, but I like to help people and do good things. I’m stopping all the bad stuff,” he added.

“I’ve packed in the drinking and going out. I can get up now, go and take the kids somewhere on a Saturday morning rather than being in bed till 12 o’clock.”

Tyson is currently happily married to Paris. The couple first met decades ago – when 17-year-old Tyson was an unknown up and coming boxer.

Paris, then known as Paris Mullroy, was 15-years-old and like her future husband, was raised in an Irish Traveller family and as a devout practising Catholic.

The two tied the knot in 2008 at St. Peter in Chains Catholic Church in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

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